Demonic Reign

Chapter Thirteen
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kanari = pretty
doshite? = what for?
dakedo = but/however
oto-sama = father
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
gomen nasai = I'm sorry (gomen is just sorry)
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal
nai/iee/iya = no
hai/aa = yes
hakama = male parted pants
haori = top (think inuyasha o0)
yatta = i did it
konban wa = good evening
anatano ha...aru = your name is...
un = yea
doshite = what for
don't bother looking for a translation here for the chant ya won't find it and I meant for the chant not to be translated^-^
anata ga suki des/aishiteru = i love you
doukashimashitaka? = what's the matter?
nanimo = nothing
baka= idiot
shizukani = shut up
shoujo = girl
baka na = silly
ima = now
douitashimashite = you're welcome
koi = used in this way it the shorter term of koibito which means lover/sweetheart/boyfriend
obaa-san = grandmother

Chapter Thirteen

Chiyoko, Toru, Sakura and Chimaru all sat down at a table outside at lunch. Chimaru sighed and looked up, seeing Ryuujiga waving from the fence.
"Chiyoko." he said and nodded his head towards Ryuujiga. Chiyoko looked up and then looked over at the fence.
"Ryuu!" she gasped and ran to the fence. Some people looked up as she did, confused. Ryuujiga smiled and moved over to the gate. Chiyoko followed and jumped at him, when he opened the gate. She hugged him, smiling. Ryuujiga smiled, hugging her back.
"Umiki-san! You know the rules!" Chiyoko turned around and groaned seeing the raven haired girl again and her two friends (one green hair/ green eyes and the other pink hair/ blue eyes).
"Buzz off Yashi-san." said Chiyoko. The girl smirked and walked forward.
"Kochirawa Mahoshi Kiki des." she said, pointing to the pink haired girl. Kiki smirked and nodded her head at them.
"Kochirawa Takaya Seiko des." she said, pointing to the green haired girl. "Yashi Aya des." said the raven haired girl. Aya looked over Ryuujiga, placing her hand on her hips.
"So you're Umiki-san's koi?" asked Aya. Ryuujiga nodded, glaring at her.
"I bet you're just her cousin, pretending to be her boyfriend." said Aya. Ryuujiga sighed and cupped Chiyoko's chin, kissing her deeply and roughly. Chiyoko went beet red and returned the kiss. She broke the kiss and swallowed. Ryuujiga smiled and rubbed her cheek.
"My obaa-san only gave birth to boys so my cousins would all have the Umiki family name, except the few Umiki women that got married." said Chiyoko. Aya growled and stomped away, followed by Seiko and Kiki.
"You better go." said Chiyoko. Ryuujiga nodded and kissed her forehead.
"Ja." he said.
"Ja." she said, smiling and closing the gate.

Ryuujiga smiled as he walked back to school. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a small gray ring case and opened it.
"Once we defeat Akuma...I'll ask her." he mumbled, smirking.
"Ask her what?" Ryuujiga stuffed the box back in his pocket and turned around.
"Konnichiwa Hinorei." said Akuma and he blasted Ryuujiga back.
'You'll never get married.' Ryuujiga went wide-eyed, hearing Akuma's voice in his mind.
'She doesn't love you...she loves him' Ryuujiga saw a Sakura tree, Chiyoko and Loki laying down at the base of it, and Loki on top of her, making love to her.
'She hates you...and is just playing with you.' Ryuujiga saw them and kiss.
'She'll never love you.'
"IYA!" yelled Ryuujiga, blowing Akuma back. When Akuma looked up, he saw that Ryuujiga had changed. Ryuujiga was wearing a black haori and hakama, had a battle axe on his back, a pole axe at his side and his hair was jet black, his eyes blood red with slits for pupils, his teeth a row of fangs and his nails black and claw like.
"Akuma..." he growled. Akuma was dragged up and crushed against the wall, without Ryuujiga ever laying a finger on him. Akuma winced and vanished. Ryuujiga calmed down and headed back to school, returning to normal as he ran.

"So everyone remember then?" asked Loki as he sat down at the table.
"Hai." answered everyone. Sakura smiled, and so did everyone else.
"Yosh...we need a plan." said Loki.

End Chapter Thirteen

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