Demonic Reign

Chapter Nine
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kanari = pretty
doshite? = what for?
dakedo = but/however
oto-sama = father
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
gomen nasai = I'm sorry (gomen is just sorry)
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal
nai/iee/iya = no
hai/aa = yes
hakama = male parted pants
haori = top (think inuyasha o0)
yatta = i did it
konban wa = good evening
anatano ha...aru = your name is...
un = yea
doshite = what for
don't bother looking for a translation here for the chant ya won't find it and I meant for the chant not to be translated^-^
anata ga suki des/aishiteru = i love you

Chapter Nine

Chiyoko layed Loki down on the bed, in the bedroom beside Yo's old room. He groaned, the bat wings on his head droopy and almost lifeless. Chiyoko took off his collar, then his shoes and socks.
"Why are you undressing him?" asked Toru, as he stood at the closet door, his arms crossed.
"Because of his injuries." she answered. She got up and headed out the door.
"Watch him." she said as she went upstairs. Toru stood there and waited for her to come back.
"Bring him up to the dark room." called Chiyoko from up the spiral staircase. Toru grumbled and picked up Loki, with a bit of difficulty, and carried him up the stairs.

Loki groaned, opening his eyes. He saw Chiyoko sitting in a chair next to him, his arm in her lap and her cleaning it with oils on a cloth. She was also dressed in only a bikini. He swallowed, looking up at her. She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and he looked away, his bat wings drooping. He then went beet red, noticing that the only thing covering him was a white towel on his lap.
"What are you doing?" he asked, looking back at her. He tried to sit up, but she held him down.
"It's crushed ruby powder with jasmine and sakura oils." she said. "I'm clensing you of Akuma." He smiled softly, his wings perking up a bit.
"You forgive me then?" he asked.
"Doshite, Loki?" she asked. "I know Akuma had control of your body and mind." He blinked, confused at first, and then smiled. she finished with his right arm, got up, moved to the other side and sat down, taking the bowl and cloth of oils with her. She set it down in front of her and placed his left arm in her lap, lathering the cloth over his fingers and palm and back of his hand. He watched her, a light blush on his cheeks.
"You are too kind." he said.
" is not." she said. He smiled weakly as she worked her way up his shoulder.
"Do you need me to turn over?" he asked.
"Iee...I already did your back." she answered. Chiyoko then heard a door slam downstairs.
"Tell him not to come in here Toru-kun!" she yelled, through the door. She sighed and moved the chair, oils and table down beside his right leg. She began to use the cloth on his foot and ankle. Loki watched her, blushing madly and let out a low purr as she worked her way up his shin.
"Chiyoko!" yelled Ryuujiga from outside of the room.
"Ryuu, I'm doing a clensing...if you come in here you'll contaminate it!" yelled Chiyoko.
"With that bastard of a rapist Loki?!" Loki winced, his bat wings drooping. Chiyoko growled and then calmed down.
"Ryuujiga...go downstairs and keeps your jealousy in CHECK." she said. Ryuujiga growled and stomped downstairs. Chiyoko looked at Loki, who looked away.
"Gomen." she said and moved the towel, so she could lather oil onto his thigh and hip. He went beet red and was about to sit up, but she stopped him.
"Stay still." she said and put the towel back into place. She moved to the opposite leg and began to lather oil onto his foot.
"He get jealous like that sometimes." she said, lathering oil onto his shin and knee. He nodded.
"Chiyoko...why are you helping me...especially after what I did?" he asked.
"And I already answered." she said, moving the cloth up his thigh and hip. She stood up and got onto the body table, straddling his waist.
"Don't get any ideas." she said, lathering oil over his chest and abdomen. He swallowed, gripping the table. Chiyoko got off and he sighed in relief. She moved to the head of the table and began to lather oil onto his neck, chin face and ears. She did his bat wings and then lifted his head.
"Hold up your hair." she said. He reached back and held his hair, wondering what she was doing. She placed the bowl of oil under his head and waited for him to let go of his hair. He did and she placed his head on top of the bowl, his hair going into the bowl. She moved her hand and began to lather the oil into his hair. Once she was done, she lifted his head, moved the bowl aside a bit and took his hair in her fist and lowered his head back down. She let his hair fan out above his head and smiled down at him. He looked up at her, candles lighting in the room by themselves.
"Do not be afraid...there will be no pain in this." she said as she placed a ruby on his forehead. "It is almost done."
"Watashi no nakani sumu oni no chikara," she chanted, his body beginning to glow red. "Watashi ni kare wo shouhi suru waruko nodearukotowo jouka surunoni hitsuyou tosareru tsuyosa wo atae nasai."
"Watashi hakorewosuruyouni meiji ru," she continued and a blue fire swept over his entire body. "Watashitachi ga kyouyuu suru shinsei na kessoku no shita." He went wide-eyed and looked up at her, worried but calmed down when he saw her smile.
"RERIZU!" she said, moving her hands together, over him. The blue fire vanished and the oils on his body were, now, completely gone. She took off the ruby, which was now black and destroyed it.
"It is finished." she said. He slowly sat up and blinked.
"Your clothes are in Toru-kun's room." she said. "And now I need to get this oil off." She sighed and headed out the door. He sighed and followed her.

Chiyoko walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed and toweling her hair dry. She saw Loki and Toru sitting at the table and Ryuujiga sprawled out on the couch. He glared at her, crossing his arms and she just rolled her eyes. She sat down at the table across from Toru and Loki and sighed.
"Ryuu...quit being jealous, okay?" she said. "For crying out loud...I'm gonna marry you!" She looked back at him and nodded.
"Hai, I found the ring." she said. He blushed, looking away.
"I wanted to ask you properly...when you were ready." he said. She smiled.
"Anata ga suki des Makotoki Ryuujiga." she said. "So I'm not about to, no offense Loki, give in to the temptation of an incubus."
"No offense taken." said Loki, softly. Ryuujiga blushed madly and swallowed.
"Gomen." he mumbled. Chiyoko smiled and looked at Loki.
"Come...we should get you a room." she said and stood up. He blinked and nodded slowly. She headed downstairs, him following her.
"You need to trust her more, Makotoki-kun." said Toru.
"Oh I do." said Ryuujiga. "It's him I don't."

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