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Chapter Ten
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kanari = pretty
doshite? = what for?
dakedo = but/however
oto-sama = father
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
gomen nasai = I'm sorry (gomen is just sorry)
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal
nai/iee/iya = no
hai/aa = yes
hakama = male parted pants
haori = top (think inuyasha o0)
yatta = i did it
konban wa = good evening
anatano ha...aru = your name is...
un = yea
doshite = what for
don't bother looking for a translation here for the chant ya won't find it and I meant for the chant not to be translated^-^
anata ga suki des/aishiteru = i love you
doukashimashitaka? = what's the matter?
nanimo = nothing

Chapter Ten

Loki sighed, smiling and looked at the ceiling as he layed his back down on his crossed arms. He closed his eyes and growled lightly.
"Hinochi..." he mumbled, and slowly smiled. "Why does Chiyoko have to be so kind?" He swallowed, blushing.
"Kuso..." he muttered. "I don't think I love Hinochi anymore..." He rolled onto his side and stared at the wall. He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

"Give Loki-sama back!" yelled Umiko and Mizuko. Chiyoko and Sakura rolled their eyes. Toru just sighed. Chiyoko raised her arm, sending Umiko and Mizuko flying back.
"so you've found your true power?" They looked up and saw Akuma. Sakura growled.
"I remember what you did to me Akuma!!" she screamed and ran towards him. As she did, her hair and eyes turned silver, she grew claws, her canines turned to fangs, her ears became pointed and now wore a silver hakama and haori. She took an arrow out of her quiver and put it to her bow. She shot it at him, the one arrow turning into many. Akuma chuckled and dodged them. He waved his hand and Sakura was blown back. he waved his hand at Chiyoko, who smirked when nothing happened. Sakura and Chiyoko both jumped at Akuma. He smirked and then went wide-eyed when he couldn't move. He vanished and appeared above them. They growled and jumped at him again. He vanished, Umiko and Mizuko vanishing along with him.
"Fuck!" yelled Chiyoko. Both her and Sakura were breathing heavily and slowly walked over to Toru, turning back to normal.

"Akuma couldn't move or even do anything to you?" asked Ryuujiga, raising his eyebrow. Chiyoko and Sakura smirked, nodding.
"Sumimasen?" asked Loki as he walked up to the table. Chiyoko and Sakura sighed and began to tell him what had happened.

"'ve finally fused with your demons." said Loki as he smirked, leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms. Chiyoko, Sakura, Toru and Ryuujiga all stared at him.
"Nani?!" they all said.
"Once you remember your deaths, your original - how your demons feel also- feelings on Akuma have been renewed." he said. "So because your emotions have been fused, so have your souls." They all stared at him.
"So once me and Kojiki-kun gain our memories back, we'll change like Chiyoko and Kokoroki-san?" asked Ryuujiga. Loki nodded, sitting up straight. He blushed a bit and looked at Chiyoko.
"I apologize now for any dreams of me and Hinochi's love making you might have." he said, his cheeks turning redder and a sly grin on his lips. Chiyoko went beet red and Ryyujiga's jaw dropped. Loki shrugged.
"She has become fused with Hinochi," he said. "I just thought I should warn her." He chuckled as Ryuujiga glared at him.

Chiyoko leaned against the window in the red room and sighed.
"Doukashimashitaka?" She turned her head around and saw Loki standing there. She blushed and looked back out the window.
"Nanimo." she said and headed past him. He followed her into the lounge room at the front of the house and closed the doors behind him.
"Tell me." he said, sitting down beside her. She looked at him.
"I've been thinking of what will happen to us after we take down Akuma." she said, moving to the corner. He nodded, looking at her. He blushed and looked at the cushioned floor, then looked back at Chiyoko, who was staring out the window. He moved over and then thought better of it and moved back.
"Smart Incubus." she said, sighing. He chuckled nervously, and swallowed.
"Chiyoko...I know that you and Ryuujiga are together." he said. "And as much as I want to...I can't interfere." Chiyoko looked at him, her mouth ajar.
" doesn't change my feelings." he said.
"For Hinochi." said Chiyoko, flatly.
"Iee...for you." he said, blushing. Chiyoko looked at him, dumbfounded.
"Anata ga suki des." he said. Chiyoko went as red as her hair and swallowed. Loki leaned close to her, to kiss her, but Chiyoko moved away and headed to the doors.
"Loki, i love Ryuu." she said, her back to him. "Nothing will change that." She opened the door and left, leaving Loki alone in the room.

Chiyoko crawled into bed next to Ryuujiga, who had been reading a manga. He smiled at her and closed his manga, putting it aside. She snuggled close to him and he smiled, laying down and holding her close.
"Loki told me that he's in love with me." she said. Ryuujiga went wide-eyed, but Chiyoko rolled on top of him to stop him from jumping out of bed. She straddled his hips and leaned down, kissing him. She entwined her fingers with his and smiled, holding his hands.
"Anata ga suki des Ryuujiga." she said, smiling. Ryuujiga smiled and blushed a little at how she was sitting on top of him.
"Anata ga suki des Chiyoko." he said and pulled her down, kissing her.

Loki turned away from the small opening in the closet, where he had been watching Chiyoko and Ryuujiga. He went down the spiral stairs and into his room. he slumped down on his bed, leaning against the wall, He sighed and closed his eyes, a single tear going down his cheek.
"No matter what happens to me...I won't regret bringing them back." he said, his eyes still closed. Ge moved his knees up against his chest and rested his head on top of his knees, his bat wings drooping. He sighed and just sat there like that, until he was so tired that he fell down onto his bed and fell asleep.

End Chapter Ten

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