Demonic Reign

Chapter Six
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kanari = pretty
doshite? = what for?
dakedo = but/however
oto-sama = father
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
gomen nasai = I'm sorry (gomen is just sorry)
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal
nai/iee/iya = no
hai/aa = yes
hakama = male parted pants
haori = top (think inuyasha o0)
yatta = i did it
konban wa = good evening
anatano ha...aru = your name is...

Chapter Six

Chiyoko, Ryuujiga, Sakura and Toru all walked onto the local shinto shrine grounds for the "Start of Spring" festival. Chiyoko and Sakura wore blue kimonos and Ryuujiga and Toru wore red hakama and haori. Chiyoko's had gold detail and Sakura's had silver, and both of them had their hair up. Toru and Sakura waved at Ryuujiga and Chiyoko and headed the other direction. Chiyoko and Ryuujiga waved back and headed over to the games area.

"Yatta!" cheered Chiyoko as she caught a baby spotted koi. Ryuujiga smiled, holding open a clear plastic bag with water in it. she pulled out the fish in her net and tipped it into the bag. He tied it up and smiled at her.
"Chiyoko-san!" Chiyoko looked behind her and saw Yo and Yuu run towards them.
"Oi Yo-kun, Yuu-chan." she said, smiling as they reached them. Yo wore a dark blue hakama and haori and Yuu wore a pink kimono with silver detailing.
"konban wa." said Yo and Yuu.
"Konban wa." said Chiyoko and Ryuujiga, Ryuujiga glaring at Yo. He glared back, making Yuu and Chiyoko giggle.
"Yuu-chan, let's play more games." said Chiyoko, grabbing Yuu's wrist. Yuu nodded and followed her, Yo and Ryuujiga walking behind them.

Chiyoko and Yuu played more games, Chiyoko having won two stuffed toy cats and another koi and Yuu having won two stuffed toy dogs and a koi. Both of them pointed at a stand that had canaries as 3rd prize, budgies as 2nd and cockatiels as 1st. They looked at Yo and Ryuujiga, who nodded sighing. They walked up to it and saw that it was a baseball toss. Ryuujiga smirked, him having been the one on the baseball team. Yo sighed and payed. He threw the ball and missed. Yuu groaned, her fingers crossed and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. He threw it again and it it. He smirked and threw it again and damn near hit the birds. Yuu sighed, her hands on her hips. The man in charge of the stand gave them 2nd prize. yo sighed and handed it over to Yuu, who squealed and held the cage, looking at the blue budgie. The tag on the cage stated that it was a female.
"Anatano namae ha Aoiko aru!" she said, smiling. Ryuujiga payed the clerk and threw the first ball, hitting the target. He threw again, did the same thing. He threw it his third time and it hit dead centre. The clerk handed the cockatiel, it it's small travel cage, over to Ryuujiga, who handed it over to Chiyoko. Chiyoko whistled and grinned when it whistled back.
"Anatano namae ha Cheiko aru!" she said, the tag reading male. All four of them smiled and headed away. ((A/N: I actually do own a cockatiel named Cheiko, cheeko is how we pronounce it but if it was to be pronounced correctly it'd be che-ee-koh, but he's a funny whistling, cheeky lil bird that loves himself and attention. So yay! My baby got in!^-^ And i DO recommended these animals as pets, since they are very nice to their owners*squeals*Mine says bye and hi to me when I leave for school and come home from school! All I do is say Bye Cheiko or Hi Cheiko! Anyway, enough rambling about my bird...))

"Hora!" cried Chiyoko, pointing at a camera booth as Toru and Sakura came out of it. They all ran over and lined up to get their pictures taken, Toru and Sakura watching their things. Ryuujiga and Chiyoko went in first and walked out, giggling and selected which pictures and backgrounds. Then Yo and Yuu went in and came out, doing the same. Chiyoko smirked and pulled Yuu in and came out a few minutes later, Yuu beet red. Ryuujiga, Toru and Yo blinked and looked at the pictures. They all went wide-eyed and stared at Chiyoko, who just smiled. The first two were fine, and then the next four were of Chiyoko cupping Yuu's chest and kissing her neck, cheek and then kissing Yuu. Yuu was still beet red as Chiyoko printed them out. Toru, Sakura, Ryuujiga and Chiyoko all squeezed into the booth and smiled.
"DEMONNIKU OSAMERU!" they all cheered.

End Chapter Six

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