Demonic Reign

Chapter Seven
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kanari = pretty
doshite? = what for?
dakedo = but/however
oto-sama = father
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
gomen nasai = I'm sorry (gomen is just sorry)
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal
nai/iee/iya = no
hai/aa = yes
hakama = male parted pants
haori = top (think inuyasha o0)
yatta = i did it
konban wa = good evening
anatano ha...aru = your name is...

Chapter Seven

Chiyoko smiled, Cheiko perched on her arm as she fed him a piece of strawberry. He nibbled some of it and whistled, strawberry seeds on his beak. Ryuujiga came up behind her and went to pet him, but moved his hand away when Chieko tried to bite him. Chiyoko giggled and fed Chieko more of the strawberry.
"Damned bloody bird." he grumbled and went over to the kitchen area. She looked over her shoulder from the couch and watched him.
"It's been too slow." she said. "What do you suppose Akuma is planning?" Ryuujiga shrugged as he made himself some coffee.
"I dunno." he said. He went over to the couch and sat down beside her. She grumbled, moving away.
"Coffee...ewww...." she mumbled and fed Chieko more strawberries. He smirked, putting his coffee down and kissed her neck.
"Mmm...Chiyoko." he mumbled. Chiyoko blushed and stood up, putting Cheiko on his perch. She smiled and flicked the back of his head.
"Oi!" he said. She smiled and went into their room. She then went into the red room, up the stairs and into Toru's room.
"Toru-kun?" she called. She knocked on his bedroom door and blushed as she heard Toru and Sakura moan.
"Fuck off!" they both yelled. Chiyoko, who was beet red, headed straight downstairs.

The next day at school, Toru, Sakura and Chiyoko grumbled as they headed into gym class. They waved bye and headed into separate locker rooms. A while later, all the students filed out, girls on the left, boys on the right.
"Kuso...I wish we could have shorts!" grumbled Chiyoko, trying to pull down her sweatshirt over her gym bottoms. Sakura blushed and hid behind Chiyoko, someone whistling at her. Chiyoko smirked as Toru punched they guy and gave him a death glare. The teacher began to roll call and hand out deodorant, in a dull voice. He yawned and began to number off the students for soccer, Sakura, Toru and Chiyoko all ending up on the same team.
"First team on!" yelled the teacher. Chiyoko and Toru sighed, watching from the sidelines and waiting to be subbed in. Chiyoko nudged Toru with her elbow and looked towards the teacher who was staring at them. He blinked and looked back at Chiyoko and rolled his eyes.
"Go Sakura-chan!" yelled Chiyoko and Toru. She smiled at them and kicked the ball into the goal.
"Second team on!" yelled the teacher. Toru and Chiyoko ran on and took their questions. Chiyoko go the ball and kicked it to Toru, who kicked it back. Chiyoko smirked and kicked the ball.

"Chiyoko..." Chiyoko looked around the bedroom.
"Ryuu?" she called.
"Chiyoko..." She got out of the bedroom and looked around.
"Ryuu?" Toru-kun?" she called.
"Konnichiwa Chiyoko." Chiyoko turned around and saw Akuma.
"AKU-" He grabbed her by her throat, chocking her.
"Shinu." he said and threw her down. She blinked, hitting the bathroom floor. She went wide-eyed and gasped, being completely nude. She saw Loki appear above her, also nude, and then her world went black.

"IYA!!!!" she yelled, sitting up and breathing heavily. She looked around, Ryuujiga asleep beside her, and swallowed. He opened one eye and pulled her back down into bed.
"Daijoubu ka?" he asked, sleepily.
"Hai." she answered. "Just a dream." He smiled and kissed her, holding her close.
"Good." he mumbled, falling asleep again.
'A dream...or a memory?' she thought as she slowly fell asleep.

End Chapter Seven

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