Demonic Reign

Chapter Fifteen
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ohayo= g' morning
shine = die
-kun, chan and san= friend terms
(kun for best friends that are boys, chan for best friends that are girls; sometimes used for animals, and san is like Miss, Mrs. or Mr.)
hai/aa= yes
nai/iya/iee= no
konnichiwa = good afternoon/hello
...des= my name is...
gomen nasai= I'm sorry (short version is gomen)
chikara no ite...rerizu= power of (the) archer...release
dakedo= however/but
nani= what is it
shizukani= shut up
Na= wha??
Anata wa katana des ka? = are you (the) katana?
daijobu ka= are you all right?
daijobu= it's all right
daijoubu dai yo= everything will surely be all right (thank you clamp-sama^^)
oi= hey
bento box= Japanese boxed lunch
mina= everyone
chikushou = fuck
kokoni onaji = same here
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
naze = why
mata ne = see you soon.
itai = ouch/it hurts
watashi ha nande motono tasuke temoyoika? = may I help you with anything?
moshi-moshi = hello on the telephone (moshi-moshi Umiki Chiyoko des. = hello, Umiki Chiyoko here.)
doshite? = what for?
Honto ni? = really?/truly?
Yogore ta hentai soakuhin = dirty perverted bastard ^^;
kochirawa...des = may I introduce...
shoshite/to = and
souseiji = twins (i just use it as a suffix for them specifically, okay.)
Yaa = hi
watashi = I
eto = err
matte = wait
wau = wow
koi (koibito) = lover/sweetheart
un = yeah
kora reru = come on in

Chapter Fifteen

"Mauno Chimaru!" yelled Chiyoko, standing beside Sakura, Toru and Ryuujiga. All of them were transformed their weapons drawn. Chimaru rolled his eyes and changed into Loki. He unsheathed his sword and held it firmly in his hands.
"You sure you want to do this on a ship with a bunch of people around?" he asked, smirking.
"He's got a point." said Sakura.
"I don't give a-" yelled Chiyoko but she was stopped as Loki charged at them.
"SAKURA!" yelled Chiyoko. Sakura nodded and shot an arrow at him, nicking the side of his face. The cut glowed green and became a scar instantly. Loki hissed and sliced at Sakura.
"Iya!" yelled Toru, blocking it with his scythe. He pushed his scythe up, pushing Loki back. Ryuujiga charged at Loki, swiping at him with his axe. Loki dodged it and threw a dagger at him.
"THAT-" yelled Chiyoko, sheathing her sword. "-IS-" The sword and scabbard vanished and she reached over her shoulders. "-IT!" she finished as she unsheathed two katanas.
"Toru-kun, get outta the way!" He nodded and jumped out of the way as Chiyoko crossed her katanas in front of her.
"SHINE!" she yelled and sliced at Loki, uncrossing her swords. He went wide-eyed and vanished.
"Fuck!" she growled, sheathing her swords.

Ryuujiga, Chiyoko, Toru and Sakura all got out of the their taxi and headed into the lobby of their hotel. After checking in at the desk, they took the elevator to their suite. Chiyoko opened the door and went in.
"Me and Ryuu sleep in the bedroom over there," she said, pointing to the left. "And Sakura-chan and Tour-kun sleep in the one over there." She pointed to her right and headed across the sitting room, and into her and Ryuujiga's room.

Toru sighed, sitting down in a big chair and opening a book.
"What ya reading?" asked Sakura, sitting on the arm of the chair.
"Blood Canticle." he answered, showing her the cover. She nodded and looked up, seeing Ryuujiga. He sighed and looked at the fish in the giant fish tank.
"Anyone up for swimming?" asked Chiyoko as she came out in a red tankini and wrap around her waist.
"You read my mind." said Sakura and ran into her and Toru's room.
"Well?" asked Chiyoko, putting on her sunglasses.
"Well, what?" asked Toru, closing his book.
"You coming swimming?" she asked. Ryuujiga went behind her and smirked, grabbing her chest from behind.
"I will if it's a topless beach!" he said. Chiyoko went beet red and glared at him.
"I did NOT need to see THAT!" said Toru, turning away.
"see what?" asked Sakura as she came out in her black bikini and black wrap.
"N-Nothing." said Toru, blushing a bit. Sakura blinked and shrugged. Chiyoko giggled, Ryuujiga having a big red hand print on his face.

"KYAA!!!" screamed Sakura and Chiyoko as Ryuujiga and Toru poured water onto them. They jumped up just as Ryuujiga and Toru ran.
"RYUU!" yelled Chiyoko.
"TORU!" yelled Sakura. Toru and Ryuujiga looked at each other and ran for their lives, Chiyoko and Sakura running after them, shaking their fists and shouting a few choice words.

End Chapter Fifteen

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