Demonic Reign

Chapter Sixteen
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ohayo= g' morning
shine = die
-kun, chan and san= friend terms
(kun for best friends that are boys, chan for best friends that are girls; sometimes used for animals, and san is like Miss, Mrs. or Mr.)
hai/aa= yes
nai/iya/iee= no
konnichiwa = good afternoon/hello
...des= my name is...
gomen nasai= I'm sorry (short version is gomen)
chikara no ite...rerizu= power of (the) archer...release
dakedo= however/but
nani= what is it
shizukani= shut up
Na= wha??
Anata wa katana des ka? = are you (the) katana?
daijobu ka= are you all right?
daijobu= it's all right
daijoubu dai yo= everything will surely be all right (thank you clamp-sama^^)
oi= hey
bento box= Japanese boxed lunch
mina= everyone
chikushou = fuck
kokoni onaji = same here
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
naze = why
mata ne = see you soon.
itai = ouch/it hurts
watashi ha nande motono tasuke temoyoika? = may I help you with anything?
moshi-moshi = hello on the telephone (moshi-moshi Umiki Chiyoko des. = hello, Umiki Chiyoko here.)
doshite? = what for?
Honto ni? = really?/truly?
Yogore ta hentai soakuhin = dirty perverted bastard ^^;
kochirawa...des = may I introduce...
shoshite/to = and
souseiji = twins (i just use it as a suffix for them specifically, okay.)
Yaa = hi
watashi = I
eto = err
matte = wait
wau = wow
koi (koibito) = lover/sweetheart
un = yeah
kora reru = come on in
o-name wa? = your name is?

Chapter Sixteen

Chiyoko and Sakura sighed, lounging on some pool chairs on the pool deck. They both had sunglasses and their bathing suits on.
"Where'd the sun go?" muttered Sakura, opening her eyes. She moved her sunglasses down a bit and blinked.
"Chiyoko-chan!" she said, through clenched teeth and nudged Chiyoko.
"Nani?" she said, groggily.
"We got trouble." said Sakura. Chiyoko looked up and saw Chimaru standing there in his shades a open shirt and trunks.
"God dammit!" she groaned. "Do you EVER die?!" He smirked.
"Nope." he answered. He moved in between them, grabbed some tanning oil, poured some into his hands and began rubbing it onto Sakura and Chiyoko's backs.
"I'd stop if I were you." said Chiyoko.
"Why?" he asked.
"They're why." Sakura answered. Chimaru looked up and saw Toru and Ryuujiga walking towards them. He shrugged, jumped over Sakura and sat down on a pool chair. Ryuujiga stood behind him, his arms crossed.
"Leave Chiyoko alone." he said. Sakura nudged Toru and pointed at the oil on her back. He rolled his eyes and sighed, rubbing the oil on her back. She smirked at Chiyoko, who giggled, earning a glare from Toru.

Chimaru sighed, looking at his watch as he fixed his tie. He knocked the door and his jaw dropped when he saw a bronze skinned, green eyed, green haired girl answer it instead of Chiyoko.
"Ano..." he mumbled.
"Umiki-san! Kokoroki-san!" yelled the girl. Chiyoko poked her head out as did Sakura, Sakura's hair in curler's. She yelped and went back into the room. Chiyoko's hair was still wet and she was wearing a red bathrobe.
"Nani?!" she snapped. He blushed a bit and looked away. Chiyoko looked down, seeing her robe had opened a bit. She glared at him, and pushed the girl inside, slamming the door in his face.

Chiyoko and Sakura walked to the dining room, both of them wearing strapless gowns (Sakura's black and Chiyoko's dark red) and matching shoes and similar jewelry sets (pillar earrings and a bangle on their wrist) but different jewels(Sakura's opal and Chiyoko's ruby) and different metals (Sakura's silver and Chiyoko's gold). Toru and Ryuujiga, both dressed in tuxedos, turned around and gaped at them.
"Wau..." muttered Ryuujiga, while Toru just nodded. Chiyoko kissed Ryuujiga and Sakura kissed Toru.
"Let's eat." said Sakura and they all headed into the hotel dining room.

Chimaru sighed, tracing his finger along the edge of the top of his wine glass.
"Konnichiwa Loki-sama." He looked up just as two blue haired, blue-eyed, bronze skinned twins wrapped their arms around him. He blinked, his mouth open a bit. They smiled.
"Akuma-sama sent us." one said, kissing his cheek. He nodded, looking them over, both of them wearing oriental dresses, one with silver detailing and the other with gold. They smiled and hugged him, the one with gold detailing, moving onto his lap. He blushed and swallowed.
"O-namae wa?" he asked.
"Umiko des." answered the one in his lap.
"Mizuko des." answered the other. He smirked and began kissing Umiko's neck and lightly nipping it. She blushed and swallowed.
"I see you found another playmate Loki." He looked i[ and turned his head towards the voice, seeing Chiyoko standing there with Sakura. He blushed and swallowed.
"Y-Yaa Chiyoko." he said.
"Umiki-san to you." she said. Sakura narrowed her eyes at the two girls and they both walked away.

"So why did Akuma send you?" asked Loki, sitting down in a chair, in his hotel suite. Umiko brushed her hair as she kneeled down, dressed in an aqua nightgown and slippers and looked up at Mizuko, who's hair was still wet.
"He wants us to watch you." answered Mizuko. Loki nodded, and stood up. He walked towards his bedroom and stopped at the door.
"Well?" he said, looking at Umiko and Mizuko. They looked at each other and ran into his room with him.

End Chapter Sixteen

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