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Chapter Nine
Major Update!
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The Story

kuso = shit/dammit
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
hime/o-hime-sama = princess
koibito = lover/sweetheart
shine(shee-neh) = die
ano = umm
nani? = what is it?
kawaii = cute
konnichiwa = hello ((A/N: And if you don't know that by now, then WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?!))
oi = hey
oto-san/-sama = dad/father
daijoubu = it's alright
un = yeah
dakedo/demo = but or however
iee/iya/nai = no
daijoubu dai yo = everything will surely be alright ((A/N: Arigatou, CLAMP-sensei!))
onii-chan/-san = big brother
kochirawa...des = may I introduce...
...des = my name is...
bento = boxed lunch
itadakimasu = Japanese version of grace
kami-sama = god

Chapter Nine

Namida gave Chiko a piggy-back ride as they, Seiya, and Kaira, all headed to the indoor skating rink, snow falling around them. Namida wore black pants, black boots, a red sweater over a white t-shirt, a red scarf, and red gloves. Chiko wore a violet dress, black nylons, a dark violet sweater over her dress, and purple boots. Kaira wore black pants, a violet sweater over a black shirt, black boots, violet gloves, and a violet scarf. Seiya wore black pants, a blue sweater over a white shirt, blue gloves, black boots, and a dark blue scarf. They paid to go skating and then headed to the benches. They all did up their ice skates and headed onto the ice.

"Too bad Yukiki-chan can't join us." said Chiko. Namida nodded and sighed.
"Onii-chan?" she asked as she skated beside him, her hand in his.
"Nani?" asked Namida.
"Do you love Yukiki-chan?" she asked. Namida blushed and swallowed.
"Un." he answered, nodding. Chiko smiled and sighed.
"She's nice and kawaii." she said.
"Mauno-san!" Namida and Chiko stopped and turned around. A boy the age of Chiko, but a bit taller, sped towards them and stopped infront of them.
"Satsuki-san?" asked Chiko. "Satsuki-san!" She looked up at Namida and blushed. "Onii-chan, kochira wa Satsuki Taki des." she said. Namida nodded, glaring at Taki, as he crossed his arms. Taki smiled and held out his hand. "Kochira wa Mauno Namida des." said Chiko. "My onii-chan." Namida stared at his hand and grumbled.
"Ano...Mauno-san, would you like to come and skate with me?" asked Taki, blushing a bit as he held out his hand for her. Chiko nodded and followed him, holding onto his hand.
"Kawaii!" squealed Kaira as her and Seiya skated up behind him. Namida grumbled, turned around and kept skating. Seiya and Kaira looked at him, looked at each other and shrugged.

Namida and Seiya walked into their Fine Arts class the next day and sat down at their table. They listened to announcements and then the teacher walked over to the door. He opened it and a boy with auburn hair, fair skin, and honey brown eyes was standing there. He was quite tall, and when he walked in, they noticed his walk had a cat-like quality.
"Kochira wa Kojineko Yomato des." said the teacher. Yomato bowed his head and smiled. "You may go sit beside Hinojigoku-san." said the teacher. Seiya blushed and swallowed. Yomato nodded and took his seat.
"Oi." he said as he took out his books.
"O-Oi." said Seiya.
"Oi." said Namida. "Mauno Namida des." Yomato nodded and smiled. "And red cheeks here is Hinojigoku Seiya-kun." said Namida. Seiya turned redder and swallowed.
"Namida-kun..." he grumbled. Yomato smirked and chuckled.

Yomato sat down with Namida and Seiya at lunch and all of them took out their bento boxes and chopsticks. Kaira sat down beside Seiya, across from Namida and Yomato, and took out her bento box and chopsticks.
"Itadakimasu." they all said.
"Kochira wa Yamichi Kaira-san des." said Namida. "Kochira wa Kojineko Yomato des." Kaira nodded and looked at him intently.
"You're bi aren't you?" she asked. Yomato blinked and slowly nodded.
"How did you know?" he asked.
"I'm bi." she said and grinned. "So is he." She jerked her thumb at Seiya and he yelped.
"Kaira-chan!" he said. "I told you not to tell anyone!" Kaira shrugged and Namida laughed. Seiya blushed as Yomato looked at him and smiled. He finished his lunch and packed up his bento box and chopsticks. Seiya packed up his bento box and chopsticks also, and sighed. Yomato stood up and waved at them.
"Ja." he said and left. Seiya blushed and looked at Kaira.
"Go ahead." she said. Seiya got up and left also.

((A/N: Shounen ai (boyxboy) ahead! You have been warned!))

Seiya caught up with Yomato at his locker and tapped his shoulder.
"Oi." said Yomato as he opened his locker. Seiya nodded and blushed. Yomato took some books out and closed his locker. He then headed to his next class. Seiya blinked and followed him into the empty classroom. Yomato closed the door and looked at Seiya. He set his books down on a desk and walked over to Seiya. Seiya blushed madly and sat on top of a desk. Yomato smirked and leaned in closed to Seiya. He sighed and kissed him gently. Seiya went wide-eyed and gasped, Yomato taking the opportunity to deepen the kiss. Seiya went beet red and returned the kiss fully. Yomato smirked, breaking the kiss, and pulled away. Seiya whined and swallowed. Yomato backed away and left the room. Seiya grumbled as he looked at the door and sighed.
"Kami-sama...Kojineko-san..." he mumbled.

End Chapter Nine

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