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Chapter Ten
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The Story

kuso = shit/dammit
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
hime/o-hime-sama = princess
koibito = lover/sweetheart
shine(shee-neh) = die
ano = umm
nani? = what is it?
kawaii = cute
konnichiwa = hello ((A/N: And if you don't know that by now, then WHY ARE YOU READING THIS?!))
oi = hey
oto-san/-sama = dad/father
daijoubu = it's alright
un = yeah
dakedo/demo = but or however
iee/iya/nai = no
daijoubu dai yo = everything will surely be alright ((A/N: Arigatou, CLAMP-sensei!))
onii-chan/-san = big brother
kochirawa...des = may I introduce...
...des = my name is...
bento = boxed lunch
itadakimasu = Japanese version of grace
kami-sama = god
gomen (nasai) = I'm (really) sorry
nii-juu = 20

Chapter Ten

Namida looked up from the steps of the shrine and saw Kaira and a girl walking towards him. The girl had spiky green hair, green eyes, fair skin, and was wearing a green sweater over a black shirt, a black knee length skirt, dark green gloves, black nylons, black boots, and her hair was done up in a punky ponytail.
"Kochirawa Midoriki Chikarako des." said Kaira. "Kochirawa Mauno Namida-san des." Chikarako bowed her head and smiled, Namida doing the same.
"Just call me Chi, everyone does." she said. Namida nodded and smiled. Chi grinned and wrapped her arm around Kaira's waist. Kaira blushed and swallowed.
"How old are you Chi-san?" asked Namida.
"Nii-juu." she answered and kissed Kaira's cheek. "And I know I look younger, 'cause I'm more small."
Kaira smiled and blushed madly. Seiya and Yomato walked up behind them and smiled.
"Oi Kojikneko-kun, Seiya-kun." said Kaira and Namida.
"Oi." said Yomato and Seiya.

Namida sighed as he studied in his room and ate some ramen. Yukiki, in her true form, came up behind him and rubbed his shoulders. Namida blushed and sighed. He finished up his ramen and looked back at her.
"I'm studying." he said. She pouted and glanced at the bed. He rolled his eyes and kissed her. "I need to study." he said as he broke the kiss. "Gomen nasai." Yukiki sighed and laid down on his bed. There was a knock on the door and Loki walked in.
"Namida-kun..." he said.
"Nani, oto-san?" asked Namida.
"I need to talk to you...alone." he said and glanced at Yukiki. Yukiki blinked and nodded. She left the room and closed the door behind her. Loki sighed and then leaned against Namida's desk. Namida looked up at him, waiting, and crossed his arms. Loki sighed and began to tell him about Akuma.

"Dakedo...why does he want me?" asked Namida.
"For power." answered Loki. He sighed and glanced at the door. "Yukiki-san is bringing demons here - that is obvious - because she has strong powers so, Yukiki-san has to go." he said and looked back at Namida.
"NANI?!" snapped Namida as he stood up. Yukiki dashed into the room and clung onto Namida. Namida hugged her tightly and kissed the top of her head. "You're joking...please tell me you're joking." he said. Loki sighed and shook his head.
"Nai...I'm not joking." said Loki, sadly. "You are no where near ready or have the strength to fight Akuma, and me and your oka-san are getting older." Loki sighed and hung his head. "I envy all of them...they will all live long lives, longer than normal humans, demo they will die." he said. "I, however, will live for eternity." He looked at Namida and Yukiki. "You will share the same fate as me." he said, looking at Yukiki. "I will watch Chiyoko, Sakura-san, Ryuujiga-san, and Toru-san and then live with Yoko, waiting for her to die." He grabbed Yukiki's arm and sighed. "Time to go." he said. Namida and Yukiki hugged tighter, Yukiki beginning to cry. "Yukiki-san...don't make me use force." said Loki, frowning. Namida kissed Yukiki and refused to let her go. He then placed her down on his bed and changed into his demon form.
"Let them come! I will not forfeit Yukiki EVER!" he growled. "Would you forfeit oka-san?!" Loki went wide-eyed and opened his mouth. He then closed it and shook his head.
"Nai...I wouldn't." he said. He nodded at Namida and smiled. "Fine...we start training tomorrow." he said and left the room.
"Training?" said Namida as he looked back at Yukiki, both of them confused. Yukiki shrugged and then jumped into his arms.

End Chapter Ten

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