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Chapter Four
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tanjoubi omedetou = happy birthday
arigatou = thank you
nani = what
ohayo = morning
hentai = pervert
kochira wa ... des = May I introduce...
sensei = master/teacher
takayaki = fried octopus balls >.< not balls balls you pervy peoples!
Watashi ha juu-hachi toshi dearu, arigatou. = I am 18 years old, thank you.
dakedo/demo/shikashi = but/however
shinsei na souseiji = sacred twins
un = yea
iee/iya/nai = no
itadakimasu = Japanese version of "grace"
anata ga suki des/ aishiteru = I love you
naze = why
Koohii ha jitsuni iyadearu! = coffee is disgusting
shine = die *pronounced shee-neh
kuso = shit/damn
eishi no chikara, nichiya no chikara. Watashitachi wo touru nagare hakono akuma no kodomo wo hakai shi!! = Power of life and death, power of day and night. Flow through us and destroy this devil child!!

Chapter Four

Yo grumbled as he rolled over on his bed. Yoko and Loki were still asleep in Loki's bed, and were also nude under the sheets. Hanako was still asleep beside Yo, wearing a sports bra and shorts. He sighed and kissed her cheek. He then slowly and quietly got out of bed and began to get dressed. Hanako opened her eyes and sat up.
"Ohayo." she whispered. Yo blushed and smiled. Hanako looked over at the clock and blinked. "Eight am." she muttered. She got out of bed and slowly got dressed also. Both of them then headed downstairs to the hotel restaurant.

Yo and Hanako sat down at the table and ordered bacon eggs, sausages, pancakes, and juice and tea to drink. They sighed and smiled at each other.
"Ano...Hanako?" asked Yo.
"Un?" she asked. Yo blushed and swallowed.
"Are you ever going to let know?" he asked. Hanako went wide-eyed and blushed.
"Yo...watashi...ano..." she mumbled. Both of them nodded and thanked the waiter for their orders.
"Anata ga suki des." said Yo after the waiter had left. Hanako went beet red and began to busy herself with cutting up her sausages and pancakes. Yo sighed and did the same.
"Anata ga suki des yo, demo I'm not ready to go all the way yet." she said. Yo nodded and smiled. They then both began to eat.

Yoko and Chimaru walked over to them and sat down.
"Ohayo." they said.
"Ohayo." said Yo and Hanako. Yoko and Chimaru ordered the same thing as Yo and Hanako, except Chimaru ordered coffee to drink instead.
"I'm not gonna kiss you until you brush your teeth." said Yoko.
"Naze?" asked Chimaru.
"Koohii ha jitsuni iyadearu!" she said and stuck her tongue out. Chimaru chuckled and smiled. Yoko licked her lips as they got their orders, and her and Chimaru thanked the waiter. They then both dug in, while Yo and Hanako began to finish up.
"You may not wanna kiss me," said Chimaru, "but I can still kiss you!" He smiled and kissed her cheek. Yoko giggled and smiled.

Yoko, Yo, Hanako, and Chimaru walked to the large Shinto shrine and began taking pictures. They then walked over to the shrine and prayed.
"Yoko-chan...the people aren't moving." said Hanako. They stared at all the people in the shrine. It was like time had stopped, even the branches of the tree had stopped moving. They saw Yamiko and she was frozen, sitting down.
"Loki...what's happening?" asked Yoko, a little scared. Yamiko, her profile facing them, looked at them with her eyes and slowly stood up. Chimaru, Yo, Yoko, and Hanako all stared at her as she walked towards them. As she did, she slowly changed.
"Akumako!" they yelled. Chimaru changed to Loki and Yo changed to his demon form. Akumako smirked and raised her hand.
"SHINE!!" she yelled and sent an energy ball at them. Yoko and Hanako quickly changed to their demon forms and growled.
"Kyuukei no kuukan!" yelled Yoko. Akumako growled and stood up after being hit by her own attack.
"Kuso!" she growled. Yoko took out her axe and threw it at Akumako. Akumako jumped up and dodged it, but didn't expect Yoko to charge at her. Yoko sliced at her with her two katana, but Akumako blocked it with her own sword. Yo and Loki took out their own swords, while Hanako put an arrow to her bow.
"SHINE!!!" screamed Hanako, the arrow glowing gold. She shot it and it pierced Akumako's heart. Akumako stared down at the arrow and gasped as she stepped back. Yoko, Loki, and Yo sliced at Akumako, cutting her to pieces. Yoko and Hanako then joined hands and looked at her.
"Seishi no chikara, nichiya no chikara. Watashitachi wo touru nagare hakono akuma no kodomo wo hakai shi!!" they chanted. Their bodies glowed and then a large tiger made from their auras sped at her.
"Iya! Iya! IYAAAAAAAAA!!!!" screamed Akumako as she was destroyed.

Yoko and Hanako quickly ran over to the Kamihintori shrine, after school. Yo and Loki were sitting on the step of Loki's house.
"So Yo finally broke you, Hanako-chan?" asked Loki. Hanako went beet red and nodded. Yo blushed furiously, making Loki smirk. "Yoko, go look inside." said Loki. Yoko blinked and opened the door. She went wide-eyed and began to cry.
"Yukio-kun!" she cried and hugged him. Xun-Feng blushed and waved at Hanako. Yoko let go of Yukio and he hugged Xun-Feng, who kissed him. Yoko went over to Loki and sat down on his lap. Hanako sat down beside Yo and smiled. "We've sealed the tree...there's nothing left is there?" she asked. Loki nodded and smiled.
"Dakedo...there is one thing left." he said, digging into his haori.
"Nani?" said everyone.
"Makotoki Yoko..." he said, moving his hand in front of her. He opened his hands, and a small ring case was in the palm of his hand. He opened it and Yoko gasped, seeing a diamond engagement ring. "Remember that talk I had with your parents?" he asked. Yoko nodded and smiled. "Well I asked them for permission and they gave me their blessing." he said. Loki moved her off his lap and moved down in front of her, getting down on one knee as he took out the ring. "Makotoki Yoko...I would be honored if you'd marry me." he said, blushing. Yoko went beet red, Yo, Hanako, Xun-Feng and Yukio all staring. Yoko swallowed and nodded.
"Hai Loki." she said. Loki smiled and slipped the ring on her left ring finger. He then purred and kissed her. Yoko kissed him back and then blushed as Loki picked her up. He then carried her into his house, bridal style, and came out a few minutes later.
"Unless you all want to hear screaming and moaning, I suggest you get the hell outta here!" he said. Yukio, Xun-Feng, Hanako, and Yo all got up and left.

Loki smiled and closed his bedroom door behind him. He blushed, Yoko already laying on her back on his bed. He pulled off his haori and climbed into bed with her.

"Hanako..." said Yo as he collapsed on top of her. He nuzzled her cheek and smiled. Hanako hugged him and kissed his cheek. "Hanako..." he said, and slipped something onto her left ring finger. "Will you marry me?" Hanako went wide eyed and turned beet red. He lifted up her hand and showed her the diamond engagement ring.
"Hai." she said and kissed him. Yo smiled and kissed her back.

"My fiance." purred Loki as he rested his head on Yoko's chest. Yoko smiled, moving the blankets up a bit more.
"My Loki." she said, kissing the top of his head. "Anata ga suki des."
"Anata ga suki des." he said.

End Chapter Four

The End

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