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Chapter Nine
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dakedo= but/however
mikado = emperor
kuso = shit/dammit
onee-chan/-san = older sister
soshite/to = and
kochirawa....des = may I introduce...
moshi-moshi hai Yoko des = Hello, Yoko here.
moshi-moshi = hello on the phone
sorehaanatano shinpai nodoremodenai = that's none of your concern
ja = bye (informal)
kanjei = welcome
min-foa = yes that is not his last name, but that's how Yoko and Hanako say it with a Japanese accent!
iku = here you go (in this context)
ming-hoa jia-long is pronounced = ming-hwah; jaI-long (please note the Chinese pronunciations are given to me by a friend since I do not know ANY Chinese)
xi-wang mei-hua is pronounced = shwin-wAng; may-hwah
naze = why?
un = yea
baka = idiot/stupid
akurei = demon
nani= what?
anata ga suki des/aishiteru = i love you
sumimasen = excuse me
xi-wang xun-feng is pronounced = shwin-wAng; shwun-fang
min-ha = same definition as min-foa
sugoi wa ne = basically a long way of saying, WOW
ja mina = bye everyone
mata ne = see you soon

Chapter Nine

Yoko and Hanako sighed as they sat in the back of fine arts class. Both of them had their sketchbooks out, Yoko drawing some anime, and Hanako drawing a landscape.
"Sumimasen!" said the teacher as she went up to the front of the class. "We have a new student with us today." She motioned to the door and a boy with jet black hair, emerald green eyes, glasses, and a small gold hoop earring in his left ear.
"Kochira wa Xi-Wang Xun-Feng. des." said the teacher. He nodded and smiled.
"Xi-Wang-san joins us from Hong Kong, China." added the teacher. Yoko and Hanako both stood up and raised their right hand.
"He can sit with us!" they both said. The teacher blinked, a bit taken aback by this. She slowly nodded and motioned for Xun-Feng to sit next to them. He sat down in between Hanako and Yoko and blushed a bit. Hanako and Yoko both introduced themselves and smiled.
"Are you Mei-Ha-san's brother?" asked Yoko. He nodded.
"How do you know Mei-Hua?" he asked.
"We met Mei-Ha-san already." said Hanako. Yoko smiled at him and they both began to help him with his notes.

Yoko, Hanako, and Xun-Feng sat down at a table and took out their lunches.
"Sugoi wa must be nice to be an exchange student." said Yoko. Xun-Feng shrugged, eating some of his lunch.
"It's okay.." he said. Hanako just sighed.
"Daijoubu Hanako-chan...he'll show up." said Yoko. Hanako groaned and rested her forehead on the table.
"Who?" asked Xun-Feng.
"Her boyfriend." answered Yoko. Hanako looked up and squealed.
"Ja mina!" she said, grabbing her lunch and ran over to Yo. "Mata ne!" Yoko smiled and sighed.
"Why the long face?" asked Xun-Feng. Yoko shrugged and noticed a noticed a boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin and glasses walk over.
"Hai?" asked Yoko.
"May I sit here?" he asked, blushing a bit. Yoko nodded and he sat down. She blinked and tilted her head to the side, looking at him.
"Yuki-kun?" she asked.
"How do you-"
"Shinsetsu Yukio!" she squealed. "It's Makotoki Yoko!" He went wide-eyed and stared at her.
"Yoko-chan..." he mumbled.
"So you moved back from Osaka?" she asked. He nodded.
"You can tell," she said, "you have an Osaka-ben." He blushed a bit and looked at Xun-Feng, who blushed also.
"Kochira wa Xi-Wang Xun-Feng des." said Yoko. "Kochirawa Shinsetsu Yukio des." Both of the boys nodded at each other, Yukio turning redder. Yoko looked from one the other and blinked.
"Did I just play matchmaker?" she muttered. Xun-Feng and Yukio both went beet red and stared at her. Xun-Feng finished up his lunch and left. Yukio blinked and watched him
"Ja Yoko-chan." he said and followed Xun-Feng. Yoko packed up her bento box and decided to follow them.

Yoko poked her head around the corner and looked around. She spotted them and smiled.
"Why did you follow me?" asked Xun-Feng, having backed Yukio into a corner. Yukio looked around for a way out, but Xun-Feng grabbed him and pushed him against the wall. Yuki blushed and he went wide-eyed as Xun-Feng kissed him. Yoko stared, her face turning as red as her hair. She turned her head away and slowly began to walk away as the boys started to make out.
"Yoko." Yoko almost jumped out of her skin when she saw Chimaru.
"Baka." she seethed, breathing heavily.
"Why are you sneaking around?" he asked. She jerked her thumb behind her and he poked his head around the corner. He looked back at her a blinked. Yoko went beet red and swallowed. He sighed and walked within sight of the boys.
"Break it up you two!" he said. Xun-Feng and Yukio went beet red and froze. Yoko went as white a sheet and ran.

Yoko waited until the whole of the class was gone and walked over to Chimaru.
"Nani?" he asked, smiling. She flicked his nose and glared at him. He scrunched up his nose and blinked.
"Real bright to them to break it up, WHEN I'M STANDING RIGHT THERE!!" she yelled. He blinked and chuckled. He smiled at her and stood up.
"Baka na." he said and kissed her. She blushed and kissed him back. He slowly broke the kiss and smirked.
"And besides...I would've loved to have you pressed against a wall like that." he said, softly. Yoko went beet red and swallowed. He chuckled and kissed her cheek. Yoko smirked and pounced him, knocking him back onto his chair. He blinked and looked at her, her now sitting on his desk. She smiled and kissed him again.
"Anata ga suki des, Loki." she said.
"Anata ga suki des, Yoko." he said.

End Chapter Nine

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