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Chapter Ten
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dakedo= but/however
mikado = emperor
kuso = shit/dammit
onee-chan/-san = older sister
soshite/to = and
kochirawa....des = may I introduce...
moshi-moshi hai Yoko des = Hello, Yoko here.
moshi-moshi = hello on the phone
sorehaanatano shinpai nodoremodenai = that's none of your concern
ja = bye (informal)
kanjei = welcome
min-foa = yes that is not his last name, but that's how Yoko and Hanako say it with a Japanese accent!
iku = here you go (in this context)
ming-hoa jia-long is pronounced = ming-hwah; jaI-long (please note the Chinese pronunciations are given to me by a friend since I do not know ANY Chinese)
xi-wang mei-hua is pronounced = shwin-wAng; may-hwah
naze = why?
un = yea
baka = idiot/stupid
akurei = demon
nani= what?
anata ga suki des/aishiteru = i love you
sumimasen = excuse me
xi-wang xun-feng is pronounced = shwin-wAng; shwun-fang
min-ha = same definition as min-foa
sugoi wa ne = basically a long way of saying, WOW
ja mina = bye everyone
mata ne = see you soon
yaa = hi

Chapter Ten

"Yaa Hanako-chan, Yoko-san." said Yo as he walked up to the shrine. Both Yoko and Hanako waved at him, Yoko dressed in her haori and hakama.
"Yaa." they both said. Hanako went over to Yo and hugged him, making him blush.
"Come on." she said and lead him away. "Let's go." Yo blinked and waved at Yoko, who waved back as she swept the steps.
"Where's Hanako-san?" asked Chimaru as he came outside.
"Yo-kun and her left." answered Yoko. She sat down on the steps and sighed.
"How are your wounds?" she asked.
"They're almost completely healed." he answered. Yoko nodded, looking down at her feet. Chimaru knelt down and rubbed her shoulder.
"Come," he said, "I made ramen." Yoko stood up and followed him into the house.

Yoko set her bowl back down on the table and sighed, resting her head on the table. Loki smiled at her and kissed the top of her head. He rubbed her back and sat down beside her. She rested her head against his shoulder and closed her eyes. He placed his hand on her head and brushed the hair out of her eyes. Yoko then began to shake.
"Yoko..." he mumbled. She looked up at him, tears streaming down her cheeks, and swallowed.
"I don't want you to get hurt again!" she cried, clinging to his haori. Loki wiped her tears away and then moved her hands off his haori. Yoko looked at him, confused, and blinked. He undid his haori, took it off, and pulled his under robe down off his shoulders, letting it pool around his waist. Yoko moved a bit and looked at the cuts on his abdomen. She swallowed and looked away.
"Iya!" he snapped. He cupped her chin and made her look at his wounds. "Live with it Yoko! You are one that is born possessed." he said. Yoko shook her head and began to cry again.
"Whether you like it or not, we're all going to get hurt." he said, sighing. "These demons won't stop 'til you're me...I was one of them." Yoko went wide-eyed and stared at him.
"I was Akuma's right hand man, sent to kill your parents." he said, looking at her sadly. Yoko stared at him, wide-eyed, and gasped.
"Dakedo your oka-sama has love and compassion, that of which I have only seen once before...she...I helped to kill her...and she forgave me for it..I still don't know how I could ever ever thank her." Yoko just stared at him. "If it weren't for your oka-sama...I'd still be cold hearted...they'd be dead and Akuma would be alive." he said. Yoko swallowed, her hand covering her mouth. Loki looked at her, and smiled weakly.
"Anata ga suki des." he said. "And I promise to protect you, because I don't want to see you hurt." He hugged her tightly, pressing her against him. She blushed and looked up at him. Loki buried his head into her neck, making her turn redder. He let go of her and left the room. She blinked and felt something wet on her shoulder.
"Loki..." she mumbled and sighed. She sat down in the corner, on the pile of cushions, and curled up.

Yo smiled as he handed her shaved ice with cherry syrup. She took the spoon and dug in. Yo took his own from the dessert stand, his with lime syrup, and smiled. They headed over to a table and sat down. Hanako sighed and grumbled a bit.
"Nani?" asked Yo. Hanako shrugged and ate some more of her shaved ice.
"Poor Yoko-chan...she's so worried about Mauno-sensei." she said. Yo nodded, eating his shaved ice. "Yo never told me how you met my parents." she said. Yo shrugged and sighed.
"I was a goon...Akuma's goon...sent to kill them...kill Chiyoko." Hanako almost choked.
"You're kidding?!" she said.
"Nai...dakedo Chiyoko...I couldn't hurt her...she was too kind." he said. "I kinda had a crush on her." Hanako glared at him. "Had! Had! I said HAD a crush on her!" he said, waving his hands.
"Humph!" she said.
"Aww...come on know I love you." he said. She smiled and stuck her tongue out at him. He chuckled and flung some shaved ice at her.

"Loki..." mumbled Yoko as she watched him sleep on his bed. She blushed, walked into his room and over to his bed. He opened his eyes and saw her.
"Y-Yoko..." he mumbled, blushing. She crawled into bed beside him and curled up against him. She closed her eyes and he nuzzled her cheek. "Sleep tight." he mumbled as she fell asleep.

Jia-Long sat down in his chair and looked out a large window, in front of him.
"I'm sick of this human disguise!" yelled Mei-Hua as she came in. She sighed and slowly changed. Her hair became emerald green and spiked to one side, her ears became pointed, her skin turning bronze, she grew fangs and claws and she now wore an oriental green dress and carried a green paper fan. "Much better." she said and sat down on the arm of Jia-Long's chair, tapping her closed fan against her chin.
"Kazeko...they destroyed Hiro and Hiko." said Jia-Long.
"They did...dakedo...Hiro and Hiko were weak." said Xen-Lung as he walked into the room. His hair changed to a dark green, almost black, his ears became pointed, his skin turned bronze, he grew fangs and claw-like nails, and his outfit changed to a dark green oriental shirt and pants.
"True Kazeki, they were weak." said Jia-Long. Kazeki smirked as he sharpened his scythe. "Mission is still the same...bring me the Sacred Twins." said Jia-Long. Kazeko and Kazeki nodded and smiled. Jia-Long smirked and leaned back into the chair, his eyes glowing red.

End Chapter Ten

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