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Chapter Six
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dakedo= but/however
mikado = emperor
kuso = shit/dammit
onee-chan/-san = older sister
soshite/to = and
kochirawa....des = may I introduce...
sensei = teacher
nani? = what is it?
nani ga machigatte iruka? = what's wrong?
iya/iee/nai = no
watashi = I
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
hentai = pervert
itadakimasu = Japanese version of grace

Chapter Six

Yoko pressed the button for a fruit drink from the vending machine and took it out of the bottom. She stood up and saw Chimaru standing there.
"Mauno-sensei...why are you-"
"Is it wrong for me to visit my friend the day after she gave birth?" he interrupted as he inserted some coins into the vending machine. She blushed and shook her head no. He smiled and pressed a button.
"Mauno-sensei..." she mumbled as he bent down and grabbed his drink.
"Nani?" he asked as he stood up. Yoko swallowed and looked at her feet.
"Never mind..." she said and walked away.
"Yoko-san!" he said. She kept walking so he ran up behind her and went in front of her.
"Yoko-san." he said, gripping her shoulders. She looked at him, him looking at her intently.
"Nani? Nani ga machigatte iruka?" he asked, rather concerned. She began to shake as tears began to pour from her eyes.
"Let me go." she said, through her teeth. He shook his head no and pulled her close, hugging her.
"Yoko-san..." he mumbled, resting his head on on top of her head and rubbing her back. She pressed her hands against his chest and tried to move away. He pressed her against the wall and held her tight against him, making her gasp and blush.
"Matte..." he said, blushing.
"Iya! Watashi-" She was silenced as Chimaru kissed her, pressing his thumbs against her shoulders. She went beet red and froze.
"Mauno-sensei..." she mumbled, staring at him as he broke the kiss. He smiled and wiped her tears from her eyes.
"Daijoubu-ka?" he asked. She nodded, swallowing.
"Hai." she answered. He smiled and cupped her chin.
"Dakedo..." she mumbled. "I thought you couldn' are Mauno-sensei." she answered. He chuckled and sighed.
"I think I've banged my head against the wall enough for saying that." he said and kissed her again.

Chimaru held the door open to his house for Yoko and smiled. Yoko blushed and swallowed. She walked out, and stood there, looking at her feet, brushing her hair behind her ear. He smiled, closing the door and sat down on the step. Yoko sat down beside him and rested her head against his shoulder.
"Yoko-san...watashi..." Yoko went wide-eyed and pushed Chimaru out of the way, knocking him off the step. Chimaru went wide-eyed and looked up.
"Yoko-chan!" he yelled. Yoko was held up against the wall of the house, by her throat, by Hiko. Chimaru changed to his incubus form and stood up.
"Try anything and she dies!" said Hiko, her other hand consumed by flames. Loki growled, clenching his fists.
"I got another one!" said Hiro as he appeared, holding Hanako by her throat. Loki's growling became louder and he reached over his shoulder.
"Don't even think about it!" yelled Hiko. Hanako kicked Hiro in the groin and when he let go, she got away from him and ran over to Hiko.
"Yoko-chan!" yelled Hanako. She jumped up, swinging her leg at Hiko. There was a blinding flash and when it was gone, Hiko lay unconscious and against a tree.
"Hanako-chan!" gasped Yoko. Loki just stared. Hanako now had long golden hair, orange eyes, fangs, pointed ears, claw like nails, and white kimono like robes. Hanako breathed heavily and then turned around and looked at Hiro. She moved her hands in front of her and traced a star in the air with her fingers.
"Hoshi no hikari!!" she yelled and a star shot at Hiro. He dodged it and it hit a small tree, turning it into stone. Hiro ran over to Hiko but stopped.
"Oi Hiro." said Yo, standing in front of Hiko. Yo wore a blood red pair of silk pants, black boots and a blood red vest. Hiro stepped back a bit and blinked. Loki helped Yoko up and looked at her neck, while Yo made Hiro back up, moving closer to Hanako.
"Hoshi no hikari!" yelled Hanako. Hiro went wide-eyed and his mouth opened as he turned to stone. Hiko slowly got up and saw Hiro.
"Hiro!" she screamed. She looked at Yo and then saw Hanako. She charged at Hanako, swiping at her with fire claws.
"Hanako-chan!" yelled Yoko as Hanako dodged it. Loki stood up and looked at Yo, who shook his head no. Yoko got up and ran at Hiko, changing into her demon form. She swiped at Hiko with her claws and growled when Hiko dodged her. Yoko brought her mirror out and created a void just as Hiko created a fireball. Hiko smashed both the fireballs together, creating a larger one. She then swiped at it with her claws.
"Hi no tori!" she yelled and a giant fire bird flew at Hanako and Yoko.
"Funsai sareta hansha!" yelled Yoko and the bird was sucked into the mirror and blasted back at Hiko. Hiko screamed in pain as her attack was rebounded at her. When the dust settled, Hiko was gone and the statue of her brother was just rubble. Yoko and Hanako breathed heavily and then fell down, changing back to normal. Yo and Loki ran over to them and picked them up. Loki brushed the dust from Yoko's face, while Yo checked Hanako for any cuts on her face and neck. The two girls smiled and then slipped into unconsciousness.

Yoko woke up and blinked a few times. She looked around the room and realized she was in a large tub in the middle of a small room. She went beet red and swallowed.
"I sure hope Mauno-sensei didn't undress me." she mumbled.
"No, actually I didn't." said Loki.
"KYAAA!!! HENTAI!" screamed Yoko, covering herself and going down deeper into the water. Loki winced and rubbed his ears.
"I came to give you a change of clothes." he said. "And Yo's sister undressed you." Yoko blushed and looked over her shoulder at Loki, who was holding a dark violet yukata with a silver obi, and a white under robe. He blushed and put the yukata, obi and under robe onto a chair on the tiled floor. He walked up the steps and held out a towel for her, turning his head away. She got out of the water and moved close to the towel, him draping it around her.
"Arigatou." she mumbled. Loki swallowed hard, his cheeks as red as her cheeks, and turned around.
"I'll let you get dressed." he said and headed out of the room, sliding the door shut behind him. Yoko looked at the yukata and sighed.

Hanako woke up and blushed, seeing that she was in a large tub in the middle of the room.
"Hanako-san..." She looked behind her and saw Yo standing there in a white haori and blue hakama, and holding out a towel. Hanako went beet red and swallowed. She stood up slowly, grabbed the towel and wrapped it around her body. Yo swallowed, his cheeks red. She saw a pale yellow yukata with a gold obi and white under robe on a chair and smiled. She looked at Yo, who turned redder, and giggled. She hugged him and kissed him softly. Yo went wide-eyed and beet red.
"Arigatou for helping me." said Hanako as she broke the kiss. Yo just nodded his head.
"Yo!" Yo jumped and ran out of the room, a female version of him standing at the door.
"Yuu des." she said and picked up the yukata, obi and under robe. Hanako nodded at her.
"Kojiki Hanako des." she said. Yuu nodded and motioned for her to follow her.

Yoko and Hanako walked into the dinning room, both of them wearing their yukatas, white split toe socks and wooden genta. Loki and Yo were sitting down at a small table in the centre of the the room, food covering the table and waiting. Both of them looked at Hanako and Yoko, and blushed. Yoko and Hanako blushed also and walked over to the table. Yoko sat down beside Loki and Hanako sat down beside Yo, both of them sitting on their feet. Yoko blushed and picked up her chopsticks as did Hanako.
"Itadakimasu." they all said, Yo and Loki picking up their chopsticks, and dug in.

End Chapter Six

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