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Chapter Seven
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dakedo= but/however
mikado = emperor
kuso = shit/dammit
onee-chan/-san = older sister
soshite/to = and
kochirawa....des = may I introduce...
moshi-moshi hai Yoko des = Hello, Yoko here.
moshi-moshi = hello on the phone
sorehaanatano shinpai nodoremodenai = that's none of your concern
ja = bye (informal)

Chapter Seven

Yoko sighed, helping Loki clean out a house that hadn't been in use for years. She coughed as she swept the floor, creating little clouds of dust around her feet and legs as she did. Loki lifted boxes, from a closet, and carried them outside.
"Jeez...some people." he grumbled as he came back in to grab another box. Yoko giggled and brushed the dust from her dark violet hakama and pale violet haori. She grabbed a dustpan and began to sweep the dust into the pan. Loki walked back in, after carrying out the last box, and set down two buckets of water and two wooden scrub brushes. Yoko and Loki both began to move all the old furniture out of the room, or what was left of it, and finished sweeping. Yoko grabbed a scrub brush and went to one end of the room, Loki taking another scrub brush and going to the other end. Both of them began to scrub the floors, dumping some water onto the floor as they did.

Yoko rubbed the sweat from her forehead and looked around the room. Loki sat down, tired as hell, and sighed, chucking the brush into the bucket.
"Floor's are done." he said. Yoko fell onto her knees and collapsed on top of Loki, and in between his legs, resting her head and hands on his chest. He smirked, blushing and running his fingers through her hair.
"Quite a compromising position." he said, nuzzling the top of her head, and purring.
"And if you do anything," she said, blushing, "my oto-san will kill you."
"I highly doubt he could kill me." he muttered and kissed the top of her head. She giggled and smiled. Loki smiled, running his fingers through her hair. Both of them then went wide-eyed and beet red at what they heard coming from the spare house.
"Is that Hanako-chan and Yo-kun?" asked Yoko. Loki nodded.
"I think it is." he answered and swallowed. Yoko blinked and swallowed. Loki growled and looked at the wall.
"Quiet down you two or else go get a frigging motel room!" yelled Loki. He smirked as the noises stopped. Yoko swallowed and slowly got off of Loki.
"Yoko-chan..." he said, sitting up. She shook her head no and stood up. He sighed and stood up also. Yoko headed outside and sat down on the step. Loki followed her outside and sat down beside her. He smiled and kissed her cheek. Both of them glared at the hut, hearing more noises, and blushed.
"I should go." said Yoko, grabbing her bag. Loki smirked and watched her stand up.
"Ja Loki." she said and kissed him. Loki pulled her down onto his lap and deepened the kiss. Yoko went beet red, dropping her bag and felt his hand on her ass. Yoko sighed and kissed him back.

Hanako and Yo walked out of the house, both of them fixing their haori and saw Loki and Yoko having a heated make-out session.
"Ahem!" said Hanako, smirking. Loki and Yoko froze, one of Loki's hand on her ass and the other in her haori, and looked up at them.
"Get a room." said Hanako. Yoko and Loki blushed. Yoko stood up, and fixed her haori. Yo smirked and kissed Hanako's cheek. Loki sat up and looked at Yoko.
"Ja..." he said.
"Ja." said Yoko. She then waved and left, Hanako soon following.

Yoko got home, and left her bag in the laundry room.
"Where'd you get the haori and hakama?" asked Ryuujiga.
"Loki." answered Yoko as she headed over to the bathroom.
"Nani?!" he snapped.
"Well she wasn't about to help him clean up the shrine in her uniform." said Chiyoko as she nursed Ryuumaru. Ryuujiga glared at Chiyoko, who shrugged and smiled.

Yoko sighed and rested her head on her knees, her hair pinned back, just letting herself soak in the bath.
"Loki..." she mumbled, blushing. She smiled and dunked under the water.

"Moshi-moshi hai Yoko des." said Yoko as she answered her phone and towel dried her hair.
"Moshi-moshi Yoko-chan." said Hanako. Yoko sat down at her desk, and took out a notebook.
"Have fun with Yo-kun?" asked Yoko as she took out a pen.
"Sorehaanatano shinpai nodoremodenai!" snapped Hanako. Yoko giggled and began writing.
"What you doing?" asked Hanako.
"Writing a song." answered Yoko.
"Mata ne Hanako-chan," said Yoko, "oka-san is calling me."
"Ja." said Hanako. Yoko hung up and headed upstairs.

End Chapter Seven

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