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Chapter Five
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dakedo= but/however
mikado = emperor
kuso = shit/dammit
onee-chan/-san = older sister
soshite/to = and
kochirawa....des = may I introduce...

Chapter Five

"Hinojigoku-san!" gasped Yoko and Hanako as they reached their lockers and saw Yo. He chuckled, taking his books out of his locker and closed it. He smiled at them as they opened their lockers and put their outdoor shoes inside, and took out some gray indoor shoes. They put them on and took out their books.
"What are you doing here?" asked Hanako.
"Going to school." he answered. Yoko blinked.
"Dakedo, aren't you a little old?" she asked. He smirked and watched them close their lockers. He sighed and waved, walking away to class. Hanako and Yoko blinked and just stared at him.

Yoko and Hanako sighed as they sat down in History class, Yoko already keeping her eyes on her desk. Chimaru walked into the class, quickly took attendance and then handed out an assignment.
"We're in the computer lab today." he said. "You're to do a report on an important person in Japan." A lot of people smiled and grinned at this.
"And no I don't mean any actors, singers, models, things like that." he added, earning a groan from the class. "I want scientists, mikado, authors,etc." He crossed his arms and glared at the class, some of them glaring back.
"Now let's head up to the computer lab." he said and went over to the door, opening it. The class grumbled and filed out. Hanako smiled and told Chimaru what she would be doing.
"And what about you, Makotoki-san?" he asked.
"Miyazaki Hayo-san." she answered, blushing. He nodded and wrote down what they were doing, looking at Yoko out of the corner of his eye.

Hanako smiled as she and Yoko ate their lunch in the cafeteria, Hanako looking at different magazines.
"Hanako-chan..." muttered Yoko, sighing. Hanako giggled and shrugged.
"So shoot me, I wanted to do CLAMP." she said, grinning. Yoko just shook her head and groaned. Hanako shrugged and found some articles on them, and began to read.
"May I sit here?" Yoko went beet red.
"Hai Mauno-sensei." said Hanako. He sat down beside Yoko and opened up his bento box. He looked at Yoko, who looked away and continued eating.
"Yoko-san...o-negai, talk to me." he said. He touched her shoulder and she moved away from him.
"What is there to talk about?" she said and packed up her bento box. "I think you've made everything perfectly clear, Mauno-sensei." Chimaru flinched as he heard her stress the suffix "sensei." She glared at him and walked away.
"She hates you." said Hanako, her head resting on her hand as she read another article.
"Kuso." he grumbled. "I'm officially an idiot." He grumbled a few choice words and began jabbing at his food.
"It's already dead ya know." said Hanako, earning a glare from him.

Yoko sighed as she walked out of school and was surprised to see her dad waiting out in the car. She ran over to it and got in.

Hanako blinked, having has seen this and then saw Yoko pounce her dad and hug him. She got out of the car and waved at her.
"Hanako-chan!! Mauno-sensei!" she called, Chimaru having walked up behind Hanako. "I'm an onee-chan!" Hanako and Chimaru went wide-eyed and ran over to her.

Yoko squealed as she, Ryuujiga, Chimaru and Hanako walked over to the window of Chiyoko's hospital room. Chimaru smiled and patted Ryuujiga's shoulder. Ryuujiga smiled brightly, a light blush on his cheeks. Chiyoko was asleep, the baby in an incubator next to her, wrapped up in a blue blanket. Hanako and Yoko giggled, as they read the name tags for the room.
"Makotoki Chiyoko soshite Makotoki Ryuumaru." they read aloud. Ryuujiga's cheek turned redder and he looked fondly at the baby and then Chiyoko. A nurse walked up to them and smiled.
"Makotoki-san?" she asked, looking at Ryuujiga.
"Would you like to go in?" she asked. He nodded and they headed into the room, Chiyoko now awake. Yoko smiled and hugged Chiyoko and so did Ryuujiga, Hanako and Chimaru staying near the door. Chiyoko smiled and Ryuujiga went over to the incubator. He smiled and handed Ryuumaru over to Chiyoko, who has sat up, and she smiled, looking at the baby's big brown eyes and black hair.
"Ryuumaru." said Chiyoko, smiling. "Yoko-chan...kochirawa Ryuumaru des." Yoko smiled at her baby brother.
"I'm an onee-chan." she mumbled.

End Chapter Five

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