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Chapter One
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itte kimasu = I'm going, but I'll be back
ittarasshai = response to itte kimasu
oka-san = mom
oto-san = dad
wau = wow
konnichiwa = good afternoon/hello
hai = yes
ano = um
soshite = and
jotto matte = just a minute
nani = what is it
-sensei = suffix used at the end of a person's name when you are talking about a teacher
oi = hey
nai/iee/iya = no
watashino = my
otouto = brother
o-negai = please
ashita ao u = see you tomorrow
ja ne = see you

Chapter One

"Yoko-chan! Yoko-chan! Wake-up!" called Chiyoko from upstairs. Yoko groaned and dragged her butt out of bed. She yawned and rubbed her brown eyes. She then got changed into her school uniform, brushed her short red hair and grabbed her backpack full of books. She grabbed her MP3 player, rand out of her room and upstairs.
"Itte kimasu!" yelled Yoko.
"Ittarasshai!" yelled Chiyoko and Ryuujiga. Yoko left and headed for school.

"Hanako-chan!" called Yoko. A girl with jet black hair, done up in two pig tails on either side of her head, with neon purple and neon blue streaks and green eyes, looked up at her. She smiled and waved at Yoko.
"Mata ne oka-san, oto-san." she said. Toru and Sakura waved from the garden and Hanako walked to school with Yoko.

Yoko and Hanako sat down in the back of their history class.
"Start of fall term...maybe we'll get a new teacher." said Hanako, smirking. Yoko sighed and opened her books. She looked up at the front of the class and gasped, seeing the teacher walk in.
"Wau..." muttered her and Hanako, both of them blushing. He had black hair, deep brown eyes and dark skin. He wrote his name on the board and faced the class.
"Konnichiwa, Mauno Chimaru des." he said, taking out the attendance sheet. He fixed his glasses and began to roll call the students' names. He blinked and stopped suddenly.
"K-Kojiki Hanako?" he asked.
"Hai." she said.
"M-Makotoki Yoko?" he asked, blinking more.
"Hai." she said, smiling.
"Ano...Kojiki-san, are your parents Kojiki Toru and Kokoroki Sakura?" asked Chimaru. Hanako nodded.
"Soshite...Makotoki-san are you parents Makotoki Ryuujiga and Umiki Chiyoko?" he asked.
"Hai." said Yoko, blushing from the attention. Chimaru nodded and finished up the roll call.

"Kojiki-san, Makotoki-san, jotto matte." said Chimaru.
"Nani, Mauno-sensei?" asked Yoko, Hanako crossing her arms. Chimaru packed up his satchel and put on his suit jacket.
"May I walk with you home?" he asked. They both went beet red.
"I want to talk to your parents." he said, smiling. They nodded and headed out of the class, followed by Chimaru.

"Oka-san! Oto-san!" called Hanako. Sakura poked her head up from the porch and went wide-eyed.
"Loki-kun!" she yelped and ran forward.
"Loki?" asked Yoko and Hanako. Sakura hugged Chimaru and smiled. He smiled and hugged her back.
"Oi Sakura-chan." he said. Hanako and Yoko looked at each other and shrugged.

Yoko got home and took off her shoes.
"Oka-san!" she called.
"Hai?!" she called back from the laundry room.
"There's someone here to see you!" yelled Yoko. Chimaru took off his shoes and jacket and hung up his jacket and satchel. Yoko slipped on her dark purple slippers and Chimaru slipped on some white guest slippers. Yoko went up the steps followed by Chimaru, who saw a very pregnant Chiyoko folding laundry at the table.
"Nani, Yoko-chan?" asked Chiyoko, looking over her shoulder. Chimaru blushed as did Chiyoko, dropping the shirt she was folding.
"Konnichiwa Chiyoko." he said and walked over to her. He hugged her tightly and smiled.
"Does she know everything?" he whispered.
"Nai." she whispered. He kneeled down and rested his head against her belly, to listen. Chiyoko giggled as he pulled back and looked up at her in surprise.
"Watashino otouto." said Yoko. Chimaru looked at her and nodded, standing up. The phone then rang, so Yoko ran to get it.
"So how much does she know?" asked Chimaru.
"Nothing about our battles...but of being a demon..hai..she knows." answered Chiyoko.
"That was oto-san." said Yoko, coming to the table. "He said he'll be a little late for supper." Chiyoko nodded.
"Yoko-chan, take the money and list on the counter and go get the groceries, o-negai?" asked Chiyoko. Yoko sighed and grabbed the list and money. Chimaru smiled and followed her to the door, Chiyoko waving goodbye at them.
"I'll walk with you." he said. He waved at Chiyoko and smiled. Yoko blushed and sighed.

"You're quite quiet." said Chimaru, walking beside Yoko. Yoko blushed madly and looked at her feet. He chuckled and looked at a corner mart. He tapped her shoulder and pointed at it.
"Iee...I go to the one further down." she said, pointing at a larger building. Chimaru nodded and followed her to it.

Yoko bought the groceries and then bought a Shonen Jump and a Nakayoshi manga. Chimaru chuckled and watched her buy a few other things, a few packs of gum, some pens, and a new red notebook.
"Who's the notebook for?" he asked.
"Oka-san." she answered. "She loves to write." Chimaru smiled and helped her carry the bags, both of them heading out of the store.

"Wau...Mauno-sensei, you live here?!" asked Yoko as they stood in front of the Kamihinotori shrine. Chimaru nodded and handed her, her bags.
"Hai." he said. He bowed his head and smiled.
"Ashita ao Yoko-san." he said and went up the steps. Yoko nodded.
"Ja ne Mauno-sensei!" she said and headed home.
"Wau..." she muttered. "Mauno-sensei..." She went almost as red as her hair and sighed.

End Chapter One

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