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Chapter Two
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itte kimasu = I'm going, but I'll be back
ittarasshai = response to itte kimasu
oka-san = mom
oto-san = dad
wau = wow
konnichiwa = good afternoon/hello
hai = yes
ano = um
soshite = and
jotto matte = just a minute
nani = what is it
-sensei = suffix used at the end of a person's name when you are talking about a teacher
oi = hey
nai/iee/iya = no
watashino = my
otouto = brother
o-negai = please
ashita ao u = see you tomorrow
ja ne = see you
tachi nasai = stand up
yumi = bow
haori = top(think inuyasha o.o)
hakama = splitted pants (again think inuyasha or shinto shrine o-o)
zori = Japanese sandals for shrines
itsutte rai = come in
dakedo = however/but
juusichi = seventeen
gomen (nasai) = I'm (very) sorry

Chapter Two

"Tachi nasai." said Chimaru to the class as the bell rang. "Yumi." He smiled as the class did so.
"Report due tomorrow." he said as the class began to file out. Hanako and Yoko were the last ones to the door and were stopped by Chimaru.
"Nani, Mauno-sensei?" asked Hanako.
"Sit down." he said, pointing at the two front desks. Hanako and Yoko both sat down in the desks and looked at him.
"I helped your parents back in highschool...I helped them fight off Akuma." he said. Hanako and Yoko stared at him, their mouths open.
"Akuma's gone, defeated a long time ago...and so I'm protect you two." he said. Yoko and Hanako blushed and swallowed, looking at each other. Both of them got up and looked at the door. Chimaru nodded, smiling. He grabbed his satchel and his jacket, and followed them out.

"Mauno-sensei?" asked Yoko as they walked home, already having dropped off Hanako.
"Hai?" he said.
"How did you help out oka-san and oto-san?" she asked. He smiled.
"Come by Kamihinotori shrine later and I'll tell you." he answered. Yoko went as red as her hair and froze.
"Naa?!" she yelped. He blinked and stopped, looking at her.
"Nani?" he asked.
"Nothing!" she said. Chimaru smirked and chuckled. His chuckling then turned into a full on laugh. Yoko looked at him, and he smiled, shaking his head. He continued walking, leaving Yoko standing a few feet from her house.

Yoko ran out of her house, wearing her roller blades and dressed in black baggy jeans with chains, black low cut sweater over a black tank top, black jelly bracelets with a red watch on her wrist, black shorts under her jeans, black fingerless gloves (one elbow length(right), one and one wrist length(left)) black beret and three rings (one on each pinky and one on her left ring finger, none of them jeweled). She also wore a tiny silver hoop earring in her left ear, a pillar earring on a chain, hanging from a crescent moon stud on her right and her blades were black with red detailing. She bladed to the Kamihinotori shrine and sighed as she reached the steps.
"Kuso..." she grumbled, looking at the steps and then at her blades. She sat down on the steps and slowly began to scoot up to the top of the steps.

"Kami-sama..." said Yoko as she dragged her ass to the top of the steps. She got up, brushed off the ass of her jeans and went over to the middle building. She stopped in front of it, pulled the bell, clapped her hands together and bowed her head. After a few minutes she looked up and looked around.
"Mauno-sensei?!" she called. She skated around the grounds and noticed him up in a cherry tree.
"Mauno-sensei!" she called. He looked down at her and jumped down. He was dressed in a white haori, black hakama, white split toe socks and zori. He smiled at her, crossing his arms. Yoko blushed and turned around, realizing she had been staring. He chuckled and headed over to an adjacent building.
"Itsutte rai." he said. She blinked and followed him inside.

Chimaru smiled and sat down across from Yoko, pushing some sushi, yakisoba and chopsticks towards her, smiling. Yoko picked up the chopsticks and took off her beret. She broke her chopsticks apart and began to eat.
"M-Mauno-sensei..." she mumbled, blushing.
"Hai?" he asked, smiling as he saw her blush, and began to eat.
"Never mind." she said. He swallowed some more noodles and put down the chopsticks.
" old are you?" he asked. Yoko went redder and swallowed the sushi she was eating.
"Juusichi." she answered. "I'll be 18 in a couple months." He nodded and smiled.
"Naze?" she asked. He shrugged and continued eating. Yoko stopped and lied back on some pillows the floor.
"You remind me of your oka-san." said Chimaru, smiling. Yoko blinked.
"A lot of people say that." she said, sighing. Chimaru nodded and sighed.
"Would you like to see my true form?" he asked.
"You were-" He shook his head.
"Iee...I am a demon." he said and slowly changed into his demon form. "An incubus actually." Yoko sat up and stared at him.
"Mauno-sensei, is this why Kojiki-san and oka-san called you Loki?" she asked. He nodded.
"Dakedo..only call me that in private or in the presence of those that know it." he said. yoko nodded. He stood up, walked over to her and sat down beside her. She reached up and touched one of the bat wings on top of his head. It twitched and he chuckled as she pulled her hand away. She touched it again and then began to stroke it. He smirked and purred as she ran her fingers along his bat wings. She giggled and continues to do this. She then moved her hand up and began to scratched behind his bat wing. He purred loudly and then grabbed her wrist, stopping her.
"Nai." he said, breathing heavily. He swallowed and let go of her wrist. She blinked and blushed, looking down.
"Gomen." she mumbled. He blushed and forced himself to look away.
"Mauno-sensei..." mumbled Yoko. He looked back at her and waited. She looked up at him, and swallowed, turning redder.
"Ano...watashi..eto...gomen nasai!" she said as she leaned forward and kissed him. Loki went wide-eyed and blushed. Yoko broke the kiss and looked at him. He sat there, staring at her in shock. She grabbed her beret and blades.
"Gomen nasai!" she said and ran out of the house.
"Yoko-san..." muttered Loki.

End Chapter Two

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