Demonic Reign

Chapter Four
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kanari = pretty
doshite? = what for?
dakedo = but/however
oto-sama = father
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
gomen nasai = I'm sorry (gomen is just sorry)
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal

Chapter Four

Chiyoko yawned as she made some tea, the next morning. Ryuujiga smiled as he walked out of her room.
"Arigatou kami-sama that it's Sunday!" she sighed in relief, pouring some water into her cup. He chuckled.
"More time to have fun." he said, smirking. Chiyoko blushed and occupied herself by putting sugar and milk in her tea. He smiled and looked at Toru, who had just from down in the basement. He frowned and glared at Chiyoko.
"So after I'm gone...he has his fun?!" he said, jerking his thumb at Toru. Chiyoko and Toru went wide-eyed, looked at each other and then burst out laughing. Ryuujiga's eye and upper lip twitched, as he waited.
"Me and Toru-kun are nothing more than friends!" said Chiyoko. "And besides...I think Toru-kun's taken." Sakura had just come upstairs, her hair a bit frizzy and wearing slippers, underwear and one of Toru's long shirts. She blushed, yawning. Chiyoko giggled, making Toru blush. Ryuujiga blinked, and looked at Chiyoko.
"Gomen." he mumbled. She smiled and kissed his cheek. She got out a griddle and two frying pans, after finishing off her tea. She then took out a big and little bowl and then opened the fridge, grabbed the egg carton, closed the fridge, opened the freezer and got out a package of bacon. Toru, Sakura and Ryuujiga all stared at her as she washed her hands, dried them and got the flour, baking powder, vanilla and cooking oil. Sakura and Toru went over to the couch and sat down, while Ryuujiga Chiyoko beat some eggs and add milk and cooking oil to it. She then poured that into the flour, and baking soda and mixed in some vanilla and chocolate chips. She mixed the batter, poured some cooking oil on the pancake griddle, and poured some batter onto it. She then put the bacon on one frying pan and some cooking oil in the other, cracked some eggs letting them spill into the other pan and sprinkled some salt and pepper on them. She then covered the pan with a lid. Ryuujiga looked at his watched and went wide-eyed. This all had only taken her a little under 4 minutes. ((A/N: Do NOT say that is not humanly possible! I have 3 younger siblings, and 6 members in total(including me) in my family. You cook for a family like that in the morning that's full of a bunch of German/French/Irish/Russian/British peoples then see what happens!^-^)) He blinked at looked back at her. She smiled and continued making breakfast.

After a while, she dished out the food and put the plates on the table, along with glasses of fruit juice. Toru, Sakura and Ryuujiga went over to the table and sat down. She brought over a tray of toast, some jam, butter and maple syrup. She sat down at the table and sighed.
"Itadakimasu!" they all said and dug in.

Chiyoko and Ryuujiga went back into her bedroom and saw a black case and blood red case on the the bed. They each opened a case (Ryuujiga's black and Chiyoko's blood red) and saw a ruby and an onyx set in a gold chain. They both looked at each other and picked them up. They put them on and both of them went wide-eyed, the shine vanishing from their eyes. Both of them fell back, becoming unconscious.

Toru and Sakura saw a black/red case and silver case on Toru's bed. They opened them and found a garnet and black opal set in silver chains. They looked at each other as they picked them up and put them on. They both went wide-eyed, they shine vanishing from their eyes and they fell onto the bed.

"It has been done." said Loki, looking at the house from behind a tree that was across the street. He sighed.
"Akuma will destroy me..." he muttered.
"That I will." Loki turned around, taking out his dagger, but it was too late. Akuma pushed him against the tree by his neck and placed his right hand over his chest.
"I have done nothing to be ashamed of, except harming them in the first place." he hissed. Akuma tightened his grip on Loki's neck. He forced his hand into Loki's chest and ripped out his heart. Loki's eyes went wide and he opened his mouth. Akuma waved his hand over the still beating heart, changing it to black. He put it back inside Loki, who went wide-eyed as Akuma pulled his hand out. He gasped.
"HINO-" he stopped as his eyes went blank and dark.
"You will now do as I command." said Akuma, making the blood vanish from his hand. He made it appear in a small bottle and corked it.
"Come Loki." he said and turned away. Loki followed him and the both of them vanished.

End Chapter Four

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