Demonic Reign

Chapter Thirteen
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ohayo= g' morning
shine = die
-kun, chan and san= friend terms
(kun for best friends that are boys, chan for best friends that are girls; sometimes used for animals, and san is like Miss, Mrs. or Mr.)
hai/aa= yes
nai/iya/iee= no
konnichiwa = good afternoon/hello
...des= my name is...
gomen nasai= I'm sorry (short version is gomen)
chikara no ite...rerizu= power of (the) archer...release
dakedo= however/but
nani= what is it
shizukani= shut up
Na= wha??
Anata wa katana des ka? = are you (the) katana?
daijobu ka= are you all right?
daijobu= it's all right
daijoubu dai yo= everything will surely be all right (thank you clamp-sama^^)
oi= hey
bento box= Japanese boxed lunch
mina= everyone
chikushou = fuck
kokoni onaji = same here
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
naze = why
mata ne = see you soon.
itai = ouch/it hurts
watashi ha nande motono tasuke temoyoika? = may I help you with anything?
moshi-moshi = hello on the telephone (moshi-moshi Umiki Chiyoko des. = hello, Umiki Chiyoko here.)
doshite? = what for?
Honto ni? = really?/truly?
Yogore ta hentai soakuhin = dirty perverted bastard ^^;
kochirawa...des = may I introduce...
shoshite/to = and
souseiji = twins (i just use it as a suffix for them specifically, okay.)
Yaa = hi
watashi = I
eto = err
matte = wait
wau = wow
koi (koibito) = lover/sweetheart

Chapter Thirteen

"Kochirawa Mauno Chimaru des." said the teacher as a dark skinned, tall, raven haired, and brown eyed boy with glasses came in. He bowed, his head and blushed a bit, noticing that ALL the girls had their mouths open and were looking at him. He swallowed and adjusted his glasses.
"Mouths closed girls." said the teacher. The girls all shut their mouths, some of them blushing.
"You can sit in front of Umiki-san." said the teacher. Chiyoko went beet red and got a glare from every other girl in the class. He nodded and took his seat, taking his books out. He looked back at Chiyoko and smiled.

"Poor Mauno-san." said Chiyoko as she looked at the girls following Chimaru around as she ate her lunch.
"Being followed around by a bunch of preps." said Toru, eating his lunch also.
"GET LOST!" yelled Chimaru at the girls. They jumped back, shocked. He growled and walked into the cafeteria. He spotted Chiyoko and Toru and brought his lunch over to their table.
"May I sit here?" he asked.
"Fine by me." said Toru, while Chiyoko just went beet red. He sat down next to Chiyoko, and smiled at her.
"Wau..." muttered Sakura as she sat down next to Toru and began eating her lunch, staring at Chimaru.
"Mauno Chimaru des." said Chimaru.
"Kokoroki Sakura des."
"Kojiki Toru des."
"Umiki Chi-Chiyoko des." Chimaru nodded at each of them and smiled, as he began to eat his lunch again.
"Mauno-san...why did you transfer here?" asked Chiyoko. He blinked, nibbling on a soba noodle.
"My parents moved her from Kyoto." he answered. Chiyoko nodded, finishing her lunch. She sighed and packed up her lunch kit.
"Mata ne Toru-kun, Sakura-chan." said Chiyoko. "Mata ne Mauno-san."
"Mata ne." said Toru and Sakura. Chimaru looked at her as she left and packed up his lunch. He nodded at Toru and Sakura and left, going after her.

"Why are you following me, Mauno-san?" asked Chiyoko as she stopped. He went wide-eyed and gasped. Chiyoko turned around and looked at him, her eyes narrowing. He smirked and moved behind her.
"Do you know what I am?" he asked.
"Hai," she answered. "A demon."
"Close...dakedo...not close enough." he said, running his fingers through her hair. Chiyoko blushed as he lightly kissed her ear and neck. She swallowed, turning redder and her knees started to shake.
'Why can't I move?!' she thought, desperately.
"I'm an incubus." he whispered, gripping her hips and nipping at her neck.
"I figured as much." she said.
"Then you know, that you won't be able to resist me." he said, smirking. He purred, running his tongue up the side of her neck. Chiyoko went beet red and bit her lip.
"How wrong you are..." she seethed. She moved her arms up just as he began running his hands along her thighs and hips. She placed a ruby on his forehead and he yelped, moving his hands off of her and clutching his forehead. She moved away and ran. He growled, pulling the ruby out, now on his knees and in his incubus form. He hissed and vanished.

Chiyoko breathed heavily, clinging to a stair railing and sighed. She wiped her forehead and gasped when she felt a hand go around her waist and another cover her mouth. Her scream was muffled by his hand and she went wide-eyed.
"Shizukani!" he said. "Akuma told me to kill the rest of you, dakedo...I have every intention of having my own fun." She growled and bit down hard onto Chimaru's hand, drawing blood. He smirked, pulling his hand away and licking off the blood.
"O-negai...let me go." she said, beginning to cry. He cupped her chin and kissed her, pressing her against the wall. Chiyoko gasped and he took that opportunity to deepen the kiss. He broke it after a while, and Chiyoko spat in his face. He glared at her, wiping off the spit.
"Forcing you wouldn't be fun....and besides rape is for power...not...lust." he said, leaning close to her. She took out another ruby and held it out.
"I think not." he said, grabbing her wrist and squeezing it, which made her drop it onto the ground.
"Leave me alone, Loki!" He went wide-eyed and stepped back.
"How did you know my name?!" he demanded. She blinked and looked at him confused.
"I didn't say anything." she said.
"Hai you did!" said Loki.
"No she didn't...I did." Chiyoko and Loki looked at the stairs to see the transparent figure of a copy of Chiyoko, but all red hair and red eyes, and pointed ears, standing there. She was dressed entirely in a red hunter's outfit.
"Hinochi des." she said. "And of course I know who you are Loki." Loki's jaw dropped and he reached out for her.
"Hiko..." he mumbled. She nodded.
"I live inside Chiyoko now." she said. "So you better leave her alone koi." Loki swallowed and nodded.
"Gomen...I didn't know." he said to Chiyoko. The spirit nodded and vanished, the ruby on the floor glowing. Chiyoko picked it up and put in in her skirt pocket.
"Gomen nasai..." he mumbled and kissed her softly.
'Kiss him back!' Hinochi screamed at Chiyoko.
'NAI!' Hinochi growled and forced Chiyoko to kiss Loki back. Chiyoko pulled away and backed against the wall.
"Hinochi!" she yelled. "I love Makotoki Ryuujiga, NOT him!" She pointed at Loki, who just stared at her. He sighed and vanished.

"Hinochi?" asked Toru.
"Hai." said Chiyoko. He nodded.
"So she tried to control you?" asked Sakura.
"She didn't try...she did." answered Chiyoko. Sakura gasped.
"She loves Loki and wanted me to kiss him." said Chiyoko. She sighed and looked at the ruby in her hand.
"NANI?!" yelled Ryuujiga, having just come in. Chiyoko sighed and began to explain it to him.

"So Katana is also Hinochi?" said Akuma, smirking.
"Hai." answered Loki. "So now you see why I can't attack her, Akuma-sama." Akuma smirked.
"I'll spare her." he said. Loki nodded and vanished into the darkness.
"For now..." said Akuma.

Loki reappeared in his bedroom and sighed, laying down on the bed.
"Hinochi..." he muttered.

End Chapter Thirteen

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