Demonic Reign

Chapter Eleven

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ohayo= g' morning
shine = die
-kun, chan and san= friend terms
(kun for best friends that are boys, chan for best friends that are girls; sometimes used for animals, and san is like Miss, Mrs. or Mr.)
hai/aa= yes
nai/iya/iee= no
konnichiwa = good afternoon/hello
...des= my name is...
gomen nasai= I'm sorry (short version is gomen)
chikara no ite...rerizu= power of (the) archer...release
dakedo= however/but
nani= what is it
shizukani= shut up
Na= wha??
Anata wa katana des ka? = are you (the) katana?
daijobu ka= are you all right?
daijobu= it's all right
daijoubu dai yo= everything will surely be all right (thank you clamp-sama^^)
oi= hey
bento box= Japanese boxed lunch
mina= everyone
chikushou = fuck
kokoni onaji = same here
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
naze = why
mata ne = see you soon.
itai = ouch/it hurts
watashi ha nande motono tasuke temoyoika? = may I help you with anything?
moshi-moshi = hello on the telephone (moshi-moshi Umiki Chiyoko des. = hello, Umiki Chiyoko here.)
doshite? = what for?
Honto ni? = really?/truly?
Yogore ta hentai soakuhin = dirty perverted bastard ^^;
kochirawa...des = may I introduce...
shoshite/to = and
souseiji = twins (i just use it as a suffix for them specifically, okay.)
Yaa = hi
watashi = I
eto = err
matte = wait

Chapter Eleven

"Hinojigoku-kun?" asked Chiyoko as she walked into the empty classroom. He blushed, his back facing her as he was looking out the window.
"Gomen." he said.
"Don't be." she said, smiling. "The reason I pushed you away, is because I have a boyfriend." Yoki looked at her.
"I see." he said, sighing and headed for the door.
"Matte!" she said. He stopped, not looking back at her.
"I like you Hinojigoku-kun, just...not like that." she said. He sighed and walked out of the class.

Chiyoko took a sip of her tea as she curled up on the couch next to Ryuujiga. He smiled and wrapped his arm around her waist. There was a loud thud from upstairs and Chiyoko sighed.
"I'm beginning to regret letting Toru-kun live here." she said. Ryuujiga shrugged, hearing a few moans and such coming from upstairs.

Sakura laughed, clutching her sides and keeled over onto her ass.
"Kuso!" said Toru, laughing. "That'll give them something to think about!" Sakura giggled and grabbed the controller for the PS2. Toru chuckled and sat down beside her.

"Chiyoko..." said Yo as he looked at her in Ryuujiga's arms, fast asleep in their bed. He turned away from the window and sighed.
"I can't do it...I can't." he mumbled, and slid down onto the grass, messing up his white robes. He put his head in his hands and bit his lip, holding back tears.
"Dakedo...if I don't...Yuu will be killed." he muttered. He stood up and made a dagger appear. He cut off a tattoo on the palm of his hand, wincing in pain.
"You don't control me anymore Akuma." he said, through his teeth. "Not anymore AKUMA!"

Chiyoko sat up in bed and looked out the window, just in time to see Yo vanish. She went wide-eyed and gasped.

Chiyoko ran into class the next morning and saw Yoki.
"Hinojigoku-kun!" she yelled. He turned around ans smiled at Chiyoko. She pointed at him, narrowing her eyes.
"DEMON!" she yelled. He went wide-eyed and backed against the wall, his head almost ramming into the window.
"Chiyoko-san..." he mumbled. She took out a ruby and looked at him.
"You are allied with Akuma, aren't you?" she asked. He shook his head. showing her his bandaged wrist.
"Iee...not anymore." he said, tears forming in his eyes. "I didn't want to hurt you, Chiyoko-san." He lowered his head and sighed, showing her his true form. He now had very long silver hair, sliver eyes, with no pupils, claw like nails, oriental style white robes, with silver detailing and long earrings that went down to his shoulders. Chiyoko stood her ground, staring him down.
"You're too kind...I can't do that...I can't hurt you." he said, his earrings moving as he talked, and his ears drooping. " my sister Yuu will die because of my decision." Chiyoko put her ruby away at this.
"Akuma's going to kill her!" he yelled. His tears began to flow and he collapsed onto his knees. Chiyoko kneeled down in front of him and cupped his chin, making him look at her.
"No he won't." she said. "I promise you that." Yo smiled weakly and hugged her tightly. Chiyoko blushed, and sighed, rubbing his back slowly.

"He can sleep downstairs." said Chiyoko. Ryuujiga grumbled and glared at Yo. He scooted over to the stairway and Chiyoko followed.
"Here's your room." she said, opening the door.
"Arigatou." he mumbled and walked in.
"You are not to use the door in the closet cause there is a stairway that leads up to Toru-kun's room." she said. He nodded and sat down on the bed. "Other than the bathroom just outside the room and a washer and dryer by the furnace, that's it." Yo nodded and smiled. Chiyoko closed the door and headed upstairs.
"I wonder if she'll help me get Yuu back." he muttered, looking up at the ceiling.

"Yo?!" called Yuu as she looked around their apartment. After she had searched everywhere she sat down on her bed and sighed.
"YUU?!" She yelped and stood up, seeing Akuma. "Where is Yo?!" he demanded.
"I don't know! I've searched everywhere." she answered. Yuu gripped her throat as she floated off the ground, choking.
"You had better find him, or it'll be your DEATH." he said and vanished, her falling onto her knees and gasping for air.

Yuu ran to the school and gasped at what she say. Katana, Ogama, Ono and Ite were all battling demons with Yo's help.
"Yo!" she yelled and ran at him. She pounced him, grabbing him around the waist, and knocked him over.
"Yo!" yelled Chiyoko as she deflected some attacks. Yo looked up at Yuu, who charged at Chiyoko.
"Iya Yuu!" he yelled. "TEISHI!" Yuu took out her sword and kept going at Chiyoko. She jumped up, Chiyoko turning around and seeing her.
"Shine Katana." she said, coldly and struck.

End Chapter Eleven

(A/N: O-O cliffhanger...dun dun DUN ^-^ I love being evil^^*curls up and smiles*)

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