Demonic Reign

Chapter Three

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ohayo= g' morning
shinu= die
-kun, chan and san= friend terms
(kun for best friends that are boys, chan for best friends that are girls; sometimes used for animals, and san is like Miss, Mrs. or Mr.)
hai/aa= yes
nai/iya/iee= no
konnichiwa = good afternoon/hello
...des= my name is...
gomen nasai= I'm sorry
chikara no ite...rerizu= power of (the) archer...release
dakedo= however/but
nani= what is it
shizukani= shut up
Na= wha??

Chapter Three

"Time to prove yourself Ite!" yelled Chiyoko. "Kill this demon without our aid." Toru, Ryuujiga and Chiyoko watched her, all of them fully transformed. Sakura took out an arrow from her quiver and held it to her bow string, keeping it loose. She closed her eyes and waited, sensing for the demon. She tightened the string on her bow, taking her stance and opened her eyes, revealing her silver, cat pupil eyes. She shot the arrow right through the heart of the demon as it materialized in front of her. It screamed and "melted" into charred remains, which blew away. Toru, Ryuujiga and Chiyoko clapped.

"Well done." said Chiyoko, smiling.

"How long have you known Chiyoko-san?" asked Sakura, walking home with Toru.

"Quite a while..." he answered. "Dakedo, it wasn't until we both turned 16 that we could sense demons."

"Same here...that's when I discovered I was born possessed." she said. "Dakedo, why are we like this?"

"I dunno...Chiyoko-chan thinks that maybe we were ment to destroy demons." he answered.

"Wouldn't that mean..?" she said, stopping dead in her tracks.

" would mean destroying ourselves." he said. Sakura blinked and looked at her feet. Toru sighed and patted her back.

"We all have come to accept this." he said.

Chiyoko sighed, walking through the city at night.

"Hmm...wonder if any demons are in the club?" she asked herself, giggling. She walked into a local teen dance club and looked around.

A girl with deep violet-blue eyes and black hair that had a violet-blue tint to it, looked up at Chiyoko as she entered the club.

"Katana!" she gasped, her eyes going wide. She looked around and slowly stood up. She closed her eyes and literally was absorbed into the shadows. Chiyoko blinked, looking in the direction of where the girl had been.

"Na?" she mumbled. She shrugged and went towards the drink bar.

"Chiyoko yawned as she walked up to her and Ryuujiga's house. She unlocked the door and opened it. She went wide-eyed as she closed the door.

"Ryuu?!"she called and ran into the bedroom, through the secret door in the back of the closet and into the red room. It was the room with the chairs and candles, and the were scattered everywhere and the chairs turned over. She went over to the table and dipped her fingers into a pool of blood. She smelled it and went wide-eyed.

"Ryuu!"she screamed. "Iya, Ryuu...IYA!!"

"Chiyoko-chan?" called Toru. Him and Sakura looked around the house for her. Sakura went to the bedroom and through the closet, into the red room and saw Chiyoko curled up in a chair.

"She's in here!!" called Sakura. Toru ran in and both of them went over to her.

"Nani?" he asked her. She pointed at the table.

"Ryuu..."she mumbled. Toru went over to the table and dipped his fingers in the liquid.

"Nani?" asked Sakura.

"Blood." answered Toru. "Makotoki-san's" Sakura gasped, looking at Chiyoko.

"They took him..." she said, pointing at the wall.

"I can't read it." said Sakura, looking at the message on the wall.

"That's cause it's Latin." said Toru. "We have the Ax... and we will kill him if our demands are not met. Demands will be given to you tomorrow night." Chiyoko clutched a Celtic cross crying her eyes out.

"Ryuu..." she mumbled.

"Chiyoko..." groaned Ryuujiga.

"SHIZUKANI!" yelled the raven haired girl as she slashed him again with a dagger. He hissed at her, the bonds on his wrists tightening.

"Don't you dare harm her!" he yelled. "Don't you dare!" A man with fire red hair and fire red eyes came out of the shadows.

"We'll do whatever we want to her." he said, chuckling. He punched him on the side of the head.

"Chiyoko..." he groaned, his world going black.

End Chapter Three

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