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Chapter Fifteen
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The Story

un = yeah
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
hai = yes
doshite? = what for?
sumimasen = excuse me?
arigatou = thank you
kami-sama = god
hime = princess
dakedo = however
ja = bye (informal)
kuso = shit/dammit
imouto = little/younger sister
watashino chisaii kii = my little key
ototo = little/younger brother
iya/iee/nai = no
teishi = stop
daijoubu = it's alright
obaa-san/-sama/-chan = grandma/mother/granny
gomen (nasai) = (I'm) sorry.
koibito = lover/sweetheart
ojii-san/-sama = grandpa/father

Chapter Fifteen

Namida sighed as he sat up in bed. Yukiki rested her head against his chest, laying down on top of him. He smiled and ran his fingers through her hair. Yukiki smiled and nuzzled his chest.
"I have to face Akuma.." he muttered. "Dakedo I don't know how." Yukiki sighed and kissed his cheek. Namida smiled and kissed her. The two then closed their eyes and fell asleep.

Namida heard screaming and found himself in a house he had never seen before. He ran towards the screaming and opened a door. He went wide-eyed and gasped, nearly falling to his knees at what he saw. Akuma was standing there, watching a dark skinned, white haired incubus, having sex with a red and black haired, brown eyed girl. She was crying and pushing against him.
"Iya! Iya! Loki-kun o-negai...teishi!!" she cried. Namida went wide-eyed and moved around them. He saw the younger face of his father, emotionless and his eyes clouded over. The girl raised her hand and smacked Loki, leaving a red hand print on his face, but he just kept going. "LOKI-KUN!!!" she screamed and dug her nails into his chest. Loki stopped and got off of her. Akuma smirked and handed him a knife.
"Plunge it into her heart." said Akuma. Loki took the knife and, rather like a rag doll, held her down.
"Loki-kun don't do it...o-negai." she said. Loki plunged the knife into her chest, grazing her heart. "Loki-kun," she mumbled, "daijoubu." Tears began to flow down Loki's cheeks and land on the girl's face.
"Chi..." he choked out. He blinked and went wide-eyed, his eyes returning to normal. "CHIYOKO!" he screamed and pulled out the knife. He held her against him and cried as Akuma vanished.
"Daijoubu dai yo Loki-kun." said Chiyoko. "I don't blame you." She smiled and sighed. "I don't blame you at all." she said. Loki nodded and kissed her head.
"I'll kill him." he said. She nodded and pushed herself out of his arms.
"Go...go now." she said. He nodded, his clothes appearing, and vanished. Chiyoko closed her eyes, and then a boy with short black hair, hazel eyes and fair skin ran into the room. Namida blinked and when his eyes opened he was in his bed, holding Yukiki. He slowly moved Yukiki off, her in her small form, and got up. He got dressed in his uniform and headed to the kitchen.

Namida sighed as he stood outside an apartment after school, and rang the doorbell. Chiyoko opened the door and blinked.
"Namida-kun!" she said and hugged him. She looked no older then 30, but was much older, had silver hair where the red had been, and wore a red yukata, with a goldenrod obi, and cream under-robe. She let go of him, let him in and lead him to the dining table. She sat down and Namida sat down across from her. Ryuujiga was in the kitchen, cooking supper and waved at Namida. He looked like he was in his early 30's, had silver hair, and wore a dark blue haori, black hakama, and a white under robe. "So what brings the sudden visit?" asked Chiyoko. Namida frowned and sighed.
"Ano...obaa-chan, did...did oto-san rape you?" he asked. Chiyoko went wide-eyed and stared at him, while Ryuujiga dropped the chopsticks, he was using to cook, on the floor. "Gomen nasai..." said Namida. "I shouldn't have asked that." Chiyoko placed her hand on Namida's and shook her head.
"Iee, daijoubu." she said. "Hai, your oto-san did rape me." Namida looked away and frowned, ashamed. "Dakedo...I don't blame him." she said. "Loki-kun shouldn't still have these feelings, I had told him - "
"Oto-san didn't tell me." interrupted Namida.
"Then who did?" asked Chiyoko.
"It was in a dream I had." he said. Chiyoko went wide-eyed and gasped.
"Seeing the past, through your own eyes....maybe Akuma is showing you on purpose...or maybe.......I don't know." she said. Namida nodded and sighed,
"This is good...this is VERY good." said Ryuujiga.
"Good?! How is this GOOD?!" snapped Namida.
"You'll see us defeat Akuma, so you can use it to your benefit." said Chiyoko.
"You knew?!" he snapped. "This whole time you knew he was back?!" Chiyoko and Ryuujiga nodded and sighed. "Then why didn't you do anything?!" snapped Namida.
"It is not our turn anymore." said Chiyoko. "You, like you did, had to come and seek us."
"You are now the one to face Akuma." said Ryuujiga. "He does not know you like he does us." Namida nodded and sighed.
'His servants know who my koibito is and one of his servants...was my friend." he said, looking down at his lap. Chiyoko nodded and rubbed his hand.
"You don't know though...Yomato-san could change." she said. Namida went wide-eyed and stared at her. "Hai, I knew he was a demon." she said. "Remember that Seiya-kun's oto-san and your oto-san once served Akuma and they turned because of their love." Ryuujiga went over to the stove and began to dish out the supper. He put a bowl down in front of Chiyoko and Namida and handed them both chopsticks. "Now eat." said Chiyoko. Namida nodded and sighed.

Namida looked into Loki's room and saw him working on his laptop, Yoko was out for the evening with Hitoshi.
"Oto-san?" asked Namida. Loki looked up from his laptop and smiled at Namida. "Could I talk to you?" asked Namida. Loki blinked and nodded, saving his work. He closed his laptop and patted the floor next to him. Namida walked over to him and sat down beside him. "I went to obaa-chan and ojii-san's today." he said. "I told them about the memory Akuma showed of your's and her's." Loki cocked an eyebrow and looked at him curiously. "He showed me her rape and death." said Namida. Loki's bat wings on his head drooped and he looked away. "Obaa-chan said she doesn't blame you and never has, dakedo she thinks you still blame yourself." said Namida. Loki sighed and nodded.
"How could I not?" said Loki. "She died by my hands.."
"Oto-san you were under Akuma's control." said Namida. Loki chuckled and smiled.
"You sound just like her." he said. "She never blamed me, not once." Namida sighed and nodded. "I know you had to be shown that because the only people that know are me, Chiyoko, Ryuujiga, Sakura and Toru." said Loki. "Not even your mother did."
"Why did you leave Akuma?" asked Namida.
"That's a damn good question and I have a damn good answer." he said as his bat wings perked up a bit and he chuckled. "I think I left because of Chiyoko...I loved her, still do, not as much as your oka-san of course, but she never returned that love...only thought of me as a close friend." Namida nodded and smiled. "Chiyoko can make friends quickly, she can be stubborn, and a bit dim sometimes, dakedo, she stands up for her friends and those she loves." said Loki. "She is a true friend." Namida opened his mouth to say something but -
"Oto-san I don't feel good." Both of them looked up at saw Chiko standing at the door. Loki stood up and she walked towards them. Namida nodded and headed out of the room. Loki nodded at him and felt Chiko's forehead.

End Chapter Fifteen


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