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Chapter Seven
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kuso = shit/dammit
daijoubu ka? = are you alright?
hime/o-hime-sama = princess
koibito = lover/sweetheart
shine(shee-neh) = die
ano = umm
nani? = what is it?
kawaii = cute

Chapter Seven

Yukiki sat outside, in her true form, the moon shining down on her, and sighed. Namida walked out and saw her.
"Daijoubu ka, Yukiki?" he asked as he sat down beside her.
"I miss my family." she answered. Namida blinked and raised an eyebrow.
"Who's your family?" he asked.
"My oka-sama, my oto-sama, and my twin brother," she answered, "Yukirei."
"You'll see them again." he said and rubbed her shoulder. Yukiki smiled and kissed him. Namida blushed, a bit taken aback, and returned the kiss. He went wide-eyed as he changed to his demon form, and broke the kiss. He unsheathed his sword and guarded Yukiki. "Show yourself!" he snapped. A female demon that looked like Yukiki, only all black and dark grey, now stood infront of them. She smirked and narrowed her dark grey eyes.
"Konnichiwa Yukiki-hime." she said and bowed, mockingly. Namida went wide-eyed and stared at Yukiki.
"O-hime-sama?!" he gasped. Yukiki nodded and hung her head. Namida looked back at the other girl, just as she made a sword appear in her hands, and growled. She charged at him and he rushed forward, blocking her attack. "Leave Yukiki alone!!" he growled, his red eyes glowing.
"Well...looks like Yukiki-hime has a koibito." said the demon and smirked. Namida jumped back and thrust his sword into the ground.
"Shine!" he yelled and a stream of fire ripped through the ground towards her. She smirked and moved her sword infront of her, stopping the attack.
"Yamiki, don't you dare harm him!" yelled Yukiki.
"I'll do as I please, 'o-hime-sama.'" said Yamiki. She thrust her sword into the ground and smirked. "Shine." she said and purple stream of energy energy ripped through the ground towards him. Namida went wide-eyed and was blown against the wall. He groaned and slid down it.
"Namida!" cried Yukiki. Yamiki smirked, taking her sword out of the ground, and walked towards Yukiki.
"Don't even think about it!" growled Loki as he stepped infront of Yukiki, his sword drawn. Yamiki went wide-eyed and swallowed. She growled and got down on one knee, bowing.
"Loki-sama..." she grumbled.
"Get up!" he snapped. "It's been decades since I served Akuma." Yamiki got up and sighed.
"I know." she said and swung at him with her sword. Loki blocked it and glared at her.
"Leave before I cut you in half, Yamiki." he said. Yamiki growled and vanished. Loki sheathed his sword and looked at the now unconscious, Namida. "Yukiki-san, help me take him inside." She nodded and helped him.

Namida woke up and saw Yukiki laying on top of him.
"Daijoubu ka?" she asked. He nodded and blushed, realizing they were both nude. She smiled and hugged him, nuzzling his chest.
"Yukiki...ano..." he mumbled.
"Nani?" she asked.
"Nothing." he said and purred. She sat up, straddling his hips, and kissed him. Namida smiled and kissed her back.

The next morning Yukiki, in her small form, and Namida began to get dressed. Namida got dressed in his red yukata, and Yukiki got out her baby blue kimono. Namida sighed, his hair still wet from the bath, and grumbled. Yukiki blushed as Namida put on the under robe for her kimono, and smiled. Namida smiled back and blushed. He kissed her head and then looked at his door.
"Chiko-chan! Come in here and help Yukiki!" he yelled. Chiko ran in, wearing a 3 layer kimono (first layer was a white under-robe, second was a pastel yellow, and the final outer layer was a pastel orange), geta and her hair done up. She nodded and Namida finished getting his red yukata on, with a light grey under-robe. He put on his split toe socks, and then waited on his bed as Chiko finished dressing Yukiki. Chiko smiled and began to do Yukiki's hair up. Yoko walked in, wearing the same clothes as Chiko, and smiled, her hair up also. She placed a box on Yukiki's desk and opened it. She took out a pot of white face paint, and a pot of red face paint. She opened the white one and began to apply some to Yukiki's face. "Oka-san...why turn her into a geisha?" groaned Namida.
"She'll look like a doll." said Yoko. "And she'll look kawaii!"
"She looks fine the way she is." he grumbled and crossed his arms. Yukiki smiled as Yoko began to apply some red paint, to give it a more very pale fleshy color. She then applied the rest of the make-up and stepped back. Chiko held up a mirror to Yukiki and smiled. Yukiki looked at her reflection and grinned. Yoko smiled and ran out of the room, taking the case with her. Chiko pulled out a tiny doll's paper fan and handed it to Yukiki. Namida walked over to her and picked Yukiki up. She smiled and jumped onto his shoulder. She kissed his cheek, leaving a tiny lipstick mark, and blushed. Namida blushed and smiled.
"Come on!" said Chimaru as he poked his head in, Hitoshi in a baby carrier on his chest. Chiko and Namida, Yukiki on Namida's shoulder, followed Chimaru outside and headed over to Yoko. They all then headed into town.

End Chapter Seven

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