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Chapter Four
Major Update!
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The Story

-kun/-san/-chan = kun and chan are for friends, animals, and san means Ms., Mrs. or Mr., usually used as a sign of respect.
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
oto-san/-sama = dad/father
matte = wait
itte kimasu = I'm going but I'll be back
ittarasshai = response to itte kimasu
oi = hey
bento = boxed lunch
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal/Japanese version of grace.
un = yeah
....des. = my name is....
hai = yes

shine (shee-neh) = die
o-namae wa? = what is your name?
kochira wa...des = may I introduce...
kawaii = cute
hai = here. When Chiko gives Namida the box she is essentially saying "here".
sugoi = amazing
oyasumi/oyasumi nasai = g'night/good night
ano = ummm
eto = errr
kuso = shit/dammit
choudo yume = just a dream.
nani = what?/what is it?
dakedo/demo/shikashi = but/however = both demo, and dakedo can mean but or however, but shikashi is usually only used for however.
Itadikimasu = Japanese version of grace
iee/iya/nai = no
yosh = all right!

Chapter Four

Namida walked downtown with Seiya, Yukiki hidden in the hood of his sweater. Namida and Seiya sat down at a table in a secluded part of a cafe, and ordered lunch. The waiter brought them two orders of chicken yakisoba, rice, and Iced tea, a couple minutes later. Yukiki jumped down onto the table, grabbed a handful of rice and began to eat it. Namida broke his chopsticks in half as did Seiya, and sighed.
"Itadikimasu." they both said. Namida broke a shrimp in half and held it infront of Yukiki. She took it and nibbled on it curiously. She then squealed and gobbled it up. Namida smiled and her a piece of a soba noodle with his chopsticks. Seiya chuckled, eating his lunch, and shook his head.
"She eats...then I do." said Namida.
"So this isn't her true form?" asked Seiya. Namida shook his head no and sighed.
"She's stuck like this." he said. Yukiki shook her head when he held another piece of a soba noodle out to her. He smiled and began to eat his chicken yakisoba. Yukiki smiled and blushed a bit.
"Now what are you thinking of?" asked Seiya. Yukiki blushed more and looked at her feet.
"Namida." she said. Namida went beet red and stared at her. Seiya burst out laughing and banged his fist on the table. Namida ate the rest of his lunch and remained silent.

Seiya, and Namida, Yukiki in his hood, walked to the park and sighed. Both of them froze and looked towards the trees. Namida changed into his demon form and so did Seiya. Seiya now had pointed ears, gold streaks in his hair, claw-like nails, fangs, a jagged scar over his face, and cat-like orange eyes. He now wore a silver haori, yellow hakama, a white under-robe, a quiver full of arrows on his back, and a bow on his shoulder. Yukiki was now on Namida's shoulder and he unsheathed his sword. A female demon with short violet hair, blood red eyes, pointed ears, fangs, claw-like nails, and bronze skin, ran towards them, growling and her two katana unsheathed. She wore knee high black boots, a short black battle kimono with violet lining, a violet obi, fingerless black gloves, and a fishnet leotard under her kimono. ((A/N:for her kimono think Suzuka from Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer, minus the big poofy sleeves. (Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer is copyright CLAMP)Dunno who she is? GOOGLE IT!)) Seiya shot an arrow at her, and she dodged it. Yukiki jumped onto Seiya's shoulder as Namida ran at the demon. She blocked his attack with her katana and pushed him back. As she did, he took out his sai and sliced at her, cutting her arm. She yelped and grabbed her arm, jumping back. Namida froze and stared at her.
"You're not a demon!" he said. He sheathed his sword and put away his sai. She growled at him and hissed.
"Of course I'm not!" she yelled. "Dakedo you are!" She dashed at him, but Namida and Seiya moved aside, causing her to fall on her knees.
Iee. Iee...I'm not." he said, turning back to his human form. Seiya did the same and she gasped.
"Mauno-kun! Hinojigoku-kun!" she said, going wide-eyed. She smirked and sighed. "Yami des." she said. " know me as Yamichi Kaira." She smiled as she turned back into her human form and bowed. Namida and Seiya both stared at her and went wide-eyed. She walked towards them, placed her hand on the back of Seiya's head and kissed him. Seiya went beet red and Namida and Yukiki just stared at them. Kaira smirked as she broke the kiss and placed her hands on his shoulders. Seiya blinked a few times and swallowed.

"Yukiki?" asked Namida, looking around his room. He saw Yukiki walking into his room, dragging a cloth, and raised an eyebrow as he squatted down, looking at her. She blushed and moved from one foot to the other. "You want a bath?" he asked. She smiled and put her arms up and out.
"Bath!" she squealed, giggling. He picked her up and kissed her head.
"Yosh." he said.

Namida sighed as he walked into his room, drying his hair and only wearing a towel around his waist. ((A/N: Some mental imagery for the girls ^.~)) Yukiki blushed and stared at him as he took off the towel, his back to her. ((A/N: Just wait 'til I draw this scene o-o*drools*)) She blinked and he was in bed, his hair still wet. Yukiki blushed madly and closed her eyes. Namida smiled and placed his hand on top of her. He sighed and closed his eyes.

End Chapter Four

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