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Chapter Two
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The Story

-kun/-san/-chan = kun and chan are for friends, animals, and san means Ms., Mrs. or Mr., usually used as a sign of respect.
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
oto-san/-sama = dad/father
matte = wait
itte kimasu = I'm going but I'll be back
ittarasshai = response to itte kimasu
oi = hey
bento = boxed lunch
itadakimasu = said before eating a meal/Japanese version of grace.
un = yeah
....des. = my name is....
hai = yes

shine (shee-neh) = die
o-namae wa? = what is your name?
kochira wa...des = may I introduce...
kawaii = cute
hai = here. When Chiko gives Namida the box she is essentially saying "here".
sugoi = amazing
oyasumi/oyasumi nasai = g'night/good night

Chapter Two

Namida walked into the kitchen with Yukiki sitting on his shoulder and sighed.
"Onii-chan, what's that?" asked Chiko, pointing at Yukiki. Yoko looked up from dishing out breakfast, Loki already gone to work.
"A demon I rescued." he answered. "Kochira wa Yukiki des." Yukiki smiled and jumped down onto the table.
"Kawaii!" squealed Yoko. She went to the stove and came back with a small pancake for Yukiki. Namida sat down and began to pour some syrup on his pancakes. He poured a little bit on Yukiki's and cut her's into very small pieces. He then began to eat his own pancakes and eggs. Yukiki grabbed a piece with both her hands, and gobbled up the piece. Namida chuckled and continued to eat.

Namida looked at Yukiki as he sat down at his desk.
"You need a bath." he said, looking at her sticky face. He went out of his room and came back with a bowl of water, 2 cloths, soap, shampoo and conditioner. He put a plastic mat on his desk, and put the bowl of water on top of it. He then put the rest of the items on his desk and got Yukiki to stand up. He thought for a moment and pulled off her dress and shoes. Yukiki blushed and shivered a little as he put her into the bowl of water. He began to wash her with the cloth and soap then poured some water onto her with his hands. He put a tiny bit of shampoo in her hair and began to lather it in. He rinsed her hair and did the same thing with the conditioner. He rinsed her off completely, brought her out and smiled. He dried her off and she blushed.
"Onii-chan!" called Chiko from outside his door.
"Come in!" yelled Namida. Chiko walked in and smiled, carrying a box.
"Hai." she said, bowing her head and holding it out.
"Open it." he said. She did and inside were some doll clothes.
"For Yukiki-chan." said Chiko. Namida looked at Yukiki and picked out a blue doll's kimono.
"Dress her in that, while I go wash her dress." he said and headed out of his room.

Namida came back in his room and blushed. Yukiki wore a baby blue 3 layer kimono and her hair was done up. Chiko grinned, her hand behind her back.
"Sugoi..." he muttered. "Nice job, Chiko-chan." He smiled and ruffled her hair. She ran out of his room and closed the door. He looked at Yukiki and smirked. "You look kawaii." he said. Yukiki blushed and walked over to him. He rested his head on his desk as he sat down and she kissed his cheek. Namida blinked a few times and blushed. She smiled and kissed her head. "Your dress should be dry in a few hours." he said. Yukiki nodded and smiled.

Namida climbed into bed, Yukiki wearing her dress again. She sat on his windowsill and looked out the window.
"Yukiki are you gonna sleep?" he asked. Yukiki looked at him, blushing, and looked back out the window. Namida shrugged and crossed his arms under his head. He closed his eyes and sighed. Yukiki jumped down onto his bed and climbed onto his chest. She curled up on his chest and smiled, blushing. Namida smiled and placed his hand on top of her. "Oyasumi Yukiki." he said and sighed. Yukiki turned redder and closed her eyes.
'Namida...' she thought.

End Chapter Two

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