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Chapter Two
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tanjoubi omedetou = happy birthday
arigatou = thank you
nani = what
ohayo = morning
hentai = pervert
kochira wa ... des = May I introduce...
sensei = master/teacher
takayaki = fried octopus balls >.< not balls balls you pervy peoples!
Watashi ha juu-hachi toshi dearu, arigatou. = I am 18 years old, thank you.
dakedo/demo/shikashi = but/however
shinsei na souseiji = sacred twins
Souseiji ha oko ri, kanawo haiboku saseru, furui no modoru. Kurayami ha musuko ni tae, kareha unmei dukerubeki ki dearu. Modotta furui no, sorekara kurayami no musuko ni taishi te tsuikyuu sareru. = The twins will arise and defeat the enemy, the old shall be returned. The dark shall bear a son and he will be the key to doom. The old that has been returned, shall then be sought against the son of dark.

Chapter Two

"Kochira wa Takahi Yamiko des." said Shimizu-sensei. A girl with short raven hair, and blue eyes stood in front of the class. "You can sit at the back across from Makotoki-san." said Shimizu-sensei. She nodded and went to her seat, taking out her books. Yoko smiled at her, but Yamiko just glared at her.

Yoko, Yo, Hanako, and Chimaru were all at a nearby restaurant for lunch.
"Arigatou for coming Chimaru." said Yoko. Chimaru smiled and held her hand. He leaned over and kissed her cheek. Yo and Hanako smiled at each other and began eating their udon, friend tofu and takayaki.
"Konnichi wa Mauno-san."
"Shimizu-sensei!" said Yoko and Hanako. She glared and frowned at Yoko. Chimaru nodded and frowned.
"Konnichi wa." he said.
"Dating a minor, and no less a student, I see?" said Shimizu-sensei.
"I'm not a minor!" yelled Yoko. She frowned and crossed her arms. "Watashi ha juu-hachi toshi dearu, arigatou." she muttered.
"Dakedo, you ARE a student." said Shimizu-sensei.
"One, you're jealous of Yoko and two I am no longer your colleague." said Chimaru. Shimizu-sensei growled and clenched her fists. "I have her parents' blessing to date her." he said and took a sip of his drink. Shimizu-sensei shut up and stomped off.
"Demo...Chimaru you don't have my parents' blessing." said Yoko.
"Hai, I do." he said, smiling. "Your parents told me as much while you were getting ready for our date. Yoko blinked and thought of her mother smacking her father over the head and threatening him with no fun in bed ever again so he would give his blessing. She giggled and smiled. Chimaru put his cup down and kissed her. He slowly broke the kiss and began to eat his stry fry. Yoko blushed and dug into her chicken yakisoba.

Yoko, Hanako, and Yo headed over to the Kamihinotori shrine and saw Chimaru sitting on the step.
"What's wrong?" asked Yoko. Chimaru looked up and blinked.
"Nothing's wrong, I was just thinking." he said. Yoko nodded and sat down on his lap. He smiled and hugged her, resting his head on her shoulder. All of them looked up as they saw Yamiko walk up the steps. She walked over to the shrine, dropped a coin in and pulled the bell. She clapped her hands together twice and bowed her head. After a few minutes she looked back up and stepped down from the shrine. She looked at Yo, Hanako, Yoko and Chimaru and smiled.
"Konnichiwa." said Yoko. Yamiko's smile slowly turned into a smirk and she left.
"Scary girl." said Yo. He looked at his watch and grumbled.
"Nani?" asked Hanako.
"I gotta go meet my sister." answered Yo and he kissed Hanako. "Ja mina." He waved and left. Hanako smiled, blushing. Yoko and Chimaru laughed and watched her. She glared at them, making them shut up.

Yo sighed as he waited at his table in an eastern-style restaurant.
"Oi Yo-kun." said Yuu as she walked up to the table. She had her hair down, was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a silver shirt, a gray sweater over that, silver hoop earrings, and silver high heels. She also had silver eyeshadow on, a light touch of lipstick and rogue, and silver nail polish. She sat down and smiled at him. Yo smiled and ordered for them. He waited until they got their orders to say anything and sighed.
"Now why this meeting?" he asked.
"Is it a crime to meet and talk with my brother?" asked Yuu.
"Cut the crap. You know you and I have been at odds since you attacked Chiyoko-san." he said.
"That was a long time ago." she said, shrugging.
"You attacked her on her wedding night!" he growled. Yuu sighed and began to eat her wong tong soup.
"I asked to meet you because something doesn't feel right." she said. "Demonic wise."
"Like what?" he asked. She shrugged and sighed.
"Dunno. I also wanna talk about Makotoki-san and your girlfriend." she said. Yo blushed, making Yuu smirk.
"What about them?" he asked.
"They are the shinsei na souseiji." she answered.
"Yugure and Yoake!" he gasped. Yuu nodded and began to eat her rice. Yo swallowed and ran his fingers through his bangs.
"So Yoko is Yugure and Hanako is Yoake...well if that's the case, what should we do?" he asked. "What prophecy?" he asked.
"Souseiji ha oko ri, kanawo haiboku saseru, furui no modoru. Kurayami ha musuko ni tae, kareha unmei dukerubeki ki dearu. Modotta furui no, sorekara kurayami no musuko ni taishi te tsuikyuu sareru." she said.
"Un...I remember that one." he said. Yuu sighed and took a sip of her drink.

Yoko blushed as she sat down on Loki's lap. He smiled and kissed her. They held hand, their fingers interlocking. Yoko slowly broke the kiss and nuzzled his cheek. Loki smiled, purring softly.
"We get to go on a trip." said Yoko.
"Who?" he asked.
"My parents, Hanako-chan, her parents, and me." she answered. "And Ryuumaru, Tsuyosa, and Tsuyomi too. And you and Yo-kun are invited." Loki smiled and stroked her cheek.
"Where are we going?" he asked.
"To Kyoto." answered Yoko. Loki smiled and picked her up as he stood up. Yoko turned redder and swallowed as he carried her inside the house and into his room.

End Chapter Two

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