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Chapter Sixteen
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dakedo= but/however
mikado = emperor
kuso = shit/dammit
onee-chan/-san = older sister
soshite/to = and
kochirawa....des = may I introduce...
moshi-moshi hai Yoko des = Hello, Yoko here.
moshi-moshi = hello on the phone
sorehaanatano shinpai nodoremodenai = that's none of your concern
ja = bye (informal)
kanjei = welcome
min-foa = yes that is not his last name, but that's how Yoko and Hanako say it with a Japanese accent!
iku = here you go (in this context)
ming-hoa jia-long is pronounced = ming-hwah; jaI-long (please note the Chinese pronunciations are given to me by a friend since I do not know ANY Chinese)
xi-wang mei-hua is pronounced = shwin-wAng; may-hwah
naze = why?
un = yea
baka = idiot/stupid
akurei = demon
nani= what?
anata ga suki des/aishiteru = i love you
sumimasen = excuse me
xi-wang xun-feng is pronounced = shwin-wAng; shwun-fang
min-ha = same definition as min-foa
sugoi wa ne = basically a long way of saying, WOW
ja mina = bye everyone
mata ne = see you soon
yaa = hi
iee/iya/nai = no
hai = yes
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
oto-san/-sama = dad/father
watashi = I
ano/eto = umm/err
(domo) arigatou = thank you (very much)
gomen (nasai) = I'm (very) sorry
ima nansai ka? = how old are you now?
go = five
Hanako-chan hadokoniaruka? = where is Hanako-chan?
o-negai = please
matte = wait
baka = idiot/stupid
daijoubu = it's all right
sayanora = good-bye
yosh = alright
aishiteru/anata ga suki des = I love you.
chisaii = little
shizukani = shut up
konban wa = good evening
yaa = hi

Chapter Sixteen

Yoko and Hanako sat down in the cafeteria and began to eat their lunch.
"Being born possessed is not easy." muttered Hanako.
"Hai." mumbled Yoko. She looked up and saw Yukio walking towards them. "Yukio-kun..." she mumbled as he reached them.
"Yoko-chan...Hanako-san...I'm supposed to hurt you." he said. "Even though I don't want to...I am your enemy from now on." Yoko and Hanako blinked and stared at him.
"Yukio-kun..." said Yoko, touching his hand. He pulled it back and walked away.
"He won't hurt us," said Hanako, "will he?"
"I hope not." said Yoko.

Hanako walked home after school and yawned.
"So tired...brain hurts." she mumbled. "I need to sleep." She opened the gate and walked to the front door.
"Don't move." Hanako went wide-eyed, a hand covering her throat, and another at her throat; it was Tachi. He smirked and pressed his claws against her throat. He purred and they both vanished.

"Loki!" called Yoko as she ran up the steps. She stopped and saw Tashi. "Yukio-kun..." she mumbled. He ran at her and pushed her back, making her fall backwards. He grabbed her and they both vanished before they hit the stairs.

Hanako and Tashi appeared in a dark room with a large crystal pillar in the middle. A few seconds later, Yoko and Tachi appeared next to them.
"Yoko-chan!" yelled Hanako.
"Hanako-chan!" yelled Yoko.
"Shizukani!" growled Tachi. Yoko and Hanako were thrown down and yelped.
"What do you want with us?!" demanded Yoko. Akureimaru walked into the room, with Kazeki and Kazeko, and smirked as he crossed his arms.
"We need your power...the power of the Sacred Twins." he said.
"Sacred Twins?" asked Yoko.
"Hai, Sacred Twins, the demon of light and life, and the demon of darkness and death." said Akureimaru. "Yoake and Yugure." Yoko and Hanako stared at them and then were thrown up against pillars on either side of the larger one.
"KYAAAA!!!!!" they screamed as electricity passed over them. Yoko and Hanako then went wide-eyed as they were forced inside the pillars. They began to pound on the walls of the pound on the walls of the pillars, and the pounding slowly stopped, Yoko and Hanako unconscious. Akureimaru moved between the pillars and placed a hand on each pillar.
"Power hidden within the Sacred Twins, come forth and flow into my other half." he chanted, closing his eyes. "Flow into and awaken Akumako!" He opened his eyes and the liquid inside the two pillars began to turn blood red. Yoko and Hanako turned into their demon forms and began to glow. The water flowed into the pillar Akumako was in and she slowly opened her blood red eyes. She looked up and the last of the liquid flowed into the pillar. "Awaken Akumako!!" yelled Akureimaru. Yoko and Hanako fell out of their pillars and onto the floor. Akureimaru went over to Akumako's pillar and held out his hand. Her hand moved out of the pillar and grasped his. She then walked out of the pillar and smirked.
"I am Akumako, child of Akuma!!" she said. "Let my Demonic Reign begin!"

Loki knocked on Chiyoko's door and waited. Chiyoko opened the door and looked at him.
"Konban wa Loki." she said, smiling.
"Konban wa Chiyoko." he said. "Is Yoko home?" Chiyoko blinked and shook her head no.
"No...actually I thought she was-"
"Right behind you." Loki turned around and saw Yoko.
"Yaa Yoko." he said and smiled.
"Oka-sama, me and Loki are gonna go for ice cream." she said. Loki chuckled and followed her. Chiyoko watched them leave as Ryuujiga came up behind her and hugged her from behind. He kissed her neck and smiled.
"Nani?" he asked.
"That wasn't my daughter." she answered.
"Of course it was." he said.
"Yoko-chan has never called me oka-sama in her life." she said and went inside.

Yo knocked on Sakura and Toru's door and sighed. Toru answered the door and growled. Yo blinked and shielded himself with his arms.
"Don't kill me!" he yelped.
"Oto-sama, leave him alone." said Hanako as she walked up behind Yo. She grabbed Yo's arm and walked towards the fate with him. "We're going for ice cream, oto-sama." she said. Toru growled and looked back for Sakura.

Yo, Hanako, Yoko and Chimaru were all sitting outside on a bench, eating ice cream. They finished their ice cream and stood up. Hanako and Yo hugged, and Chimaru and Yoko hugged. Yoko and Hanako looked at each other, Chimaru's and Yo's backs facing each other, and smiled, their eyes flashing gold.

End Chapter Sixteen

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