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Chapter Thirteen
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dakedo= but/however
mikado = emperor
kuso = shit/dammit
onee-chan/-san = older sister
soshite/to = and
kochirawa....des = may I introduce...
moshi-moshi hai Yoko des = Hello, Yoko here.
moshi-moshi = hello on the phone
sorehaanatano shinpai nodoremodenai = that's none of your concern
ja = bye (informal)
kanjei = welcome
min-foa = yes that is not his last name, but that's how Yoko and Hanako say it with a Japanese accent!
iku = here you go (in this context)
ming-hoa jia-long is pronounced = ming-hwah; jaI-long (please note the Chinese pronunciations are given to me by a friend since I do not know ANY Chinese)
xi-wang mei-hua is pronounced = shwin-wAng; may-hwah
naze = why?
un = yea
baka = idiot/stupid
akurei = demon
nani= what?
anata ga suki des/aishiteru = i love you
sumimasen = excuse me
xi-wang xun-feng is pronounced = shwin-wAng; shwun-fang
min-ha = same definition as min-foa
sugoi wa ne = basically a long way of saying, WOW
ja mina = bye everyone
mata ne = see you soon
yaa = hi
iee/iya/nai = no
hai = yes
oka-san/-sama = mom/mother
oto-san/-sama = dad/father
watashi = I
ano/eto = umm/err
(domo) arigatou = thank you (very much)
gomen (nasai) = I'm (very) sorry
ima nansai ka? = how old are you now?
go = five
Hanako-chan hadokoniaruka? = where is Hanako-chan?
o-negai = please
matte = wait
baka = idiot/stupid
daijoubu = it's all right
sayanora = good-bye
yosh = alright

Chapter Thirteen

Sakura, Chiyoko, Toru, Ryuujiga, Yo and Loki waited outside the shrine by the tree.
"I thought we were rid of this for good!" said Toru.
"Un! We killed Akuma!" said Chiyoko, her Sakura, Toru and Ryuujiga all in their demon forms. Ryuujiga growled and clenched his fists.
"Well, you DID kill Akuma, dakedo...Mizuko and Umiko are back." said Loki. Chiyoko growled and cut the tree with a dagger.
"Dakedo me and Toru killed them!" she hissed.
"I guess not," said Loki, "and don't get so hot-headed." Ryuujiga growled and stood in front of him.
"How are we supposed to stay calm when our daughters are out there?!" he yelled at Loki.
"I'm worried sick about Yoko too!!" yelled Loki. "And it tears me up to think I couldn't help her!" Toru growled and so did Yo. Soon all four of the guys were having a yelling match.
"SHIZUKANI!!" yelled Sakura and Chiyoko. Toru, Ryuujiga, Loki and Yo all shut up and stared at Sakura and Chiyoko.
"Shut the fuck up and TRY to stay calm!" said Chiyoko.
"Those demons might turn up soon and we don't need to be yelling at each other!" said Sakura. Both Chiyoko and Sakura glared at them, and the guys all sat down. Chiyoko sighed and looked up at the sky.
Poor Yoko-chan." she muttered.
"She'll be alright." said Loki.
"They're fine...just asleep." All of them looked over and saw Kazeki, Kazeko, Umiko and Mizuko.
"We get Katana and Ogama!" said Umiko.
"We'll take Ite and Ono!" said Kazeko.
"And I'll take Loki and Yo!" said Tachi as he and Tashi popped out of them ground. They all charged, Yo, Loki, Ryuujiga, Chiyoko and Toru drawing their weapons.

Yoko woke up again and saw that Hanako was awake. They looked at each other and nodded. Both of them began to glow, Yoko glowing violet and Hanako glowing yellow. They ground their teeth, their glowing growing brighter, and the energy shield that had been surrounding them, shattered. They fell down onto some beds below them and stood up. They put their hands together, closed their eyes, and vanished.

They opened their eyes and saw the battle going on. Yoko went wide-eyed, seeing Tashi get knocked down and Loki running towards him with his sword. She ran over to them and moved between them.
"Yoko!" yelped Loki as she blocked his attack.
"Hurt anyone else dakedo not him...or Kazeki." she said and pushed his sword back. "Daijoubu ka, Yukio-kun?" she asked as she helped Tashi up. He went wide-eyed and stared at her.
"How did you know?" he gasped.
"I just did." she said, smiling. Umiko, Mizuko, Kazeko and Kazeki all vanished, creating a large water tornado as they did. Chiyoko and Toru cut through it and it dispersed.
"Tashi," yelled Tachi, "let's go!" Tashi looked at Yoko and then Tachi. He nodded and dived into the hole with Tachi, both of them vanishing.
"Yoko! Hanako!" yelled Chiyoko, Sakura, Toru and Ryuujiga. Hanako and Yoko blushed as their parents hugged and kissed them. Hanako squirmed out of Sakura and Toru's reach and ran over to Yo. He blushed and caught her as she jumped into his arms. She smiled and kissed him, making him turn redder. Yoko looked over at Loki, who was looking at the horizon. She blushed and turned her head back so it was resting against Chiyoko's chest.

End Chapter Thirteen

(A/N: BLAH! Yes it's short, live with it!)

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